Light Headed Beds

With Light Headed Beds you can change the theme from toddler to adolescents with thousands of possible headboard graphics to pick from. You can also tailor the graphics with your child's very own images or artwork! With a Light Headed Bed, your child may be asking you for permission to go to bed.

LightHeaded Bed Video Clips

View YouTube Video "LightHeaded Beds on Good Things Utah"

LightHeaded Beds: the bed that illuminates your child's imagination.



View YouTube Video "LightHeaded Beds Product Video"



View YouTube Video "LightHeaded Beds"

LightHeaded Beds Product Video.



View YouTube Video "LightHeaded Beds HeadLightz"

Slideshow demonstrating the availability of LightHeaded Beds HeadLightz graphics.



View YouTube Video "2 Minute Product Video"



View YouTube Video "LightHeadedBeds on KSL am News"

Dec. 6th appearance on the KSL am News.



View LightHeaded Beds Contact Info:

Phone: 1-435-565-4490



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