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Question: I go to the gym everyday for 1 -1.5 hrs. 30 mins treadmill (4.0 at incline 15) and the remaining time spent on strength training. My diet comprises of celery, banana, yogurt, granola bar and grapes in the mornings (breakfast and snacks) and something light also for "dinner." I haven't seen any major results. I weigh 128 and am aiming for 10 lbs less. I work nights so I spend most of the day sleeping. Any tips please. I'm getting a little discouraged. I've been at this routine for ~9 weeks. Very rare I may stray from my healthy eating. But that is extremely rare. I do not drink, I consume 1/2 gal water daily also. No juices. I'm 5'5... " - by " michiboo2

Answer: I think at this stage in the game where you are already at a good weight and are just looking to get another 10lbs you need to re-evaluate how you choose your goals. If you are exercising much more then your weight may even increase from the muscle you are adding regardless of the weight you are losing from fat. I would consider rating your progress in a different way. I lost a lot of fat early on when I changed lifestyles and now I am working on toning my body and getting in better shape fitness wise. I bought a tanita ironman scale and before I did that I was just measuring my weight loss but this thing tells me my Hydration percentage, amount of muscle I have (in lbs) my metabolic rate, my metabolic age, body fat percentage, visceral fat (around the waistline) and more. This gives me a much better idea how my effective my workouts and diet changes are and I normally see some improvement every week in ONE of the sections so its encouraging also :) Good luck. One thing you may try is to up the cardio instead of the weight training. It has a quicker effect on body fat. So maybe Jog 1 min walk 2 mins for 45 mins to an hour and the rest on strength training.

Answer By: Ex Smoker

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Tanita's new FDA Cleared BC-1500 Ironman Radio Wireless Segmental Body Composition Monitor communicates using ANT+™ radio wireless technology, providing in-d...


If you need to contact the Tanita Iron Man Scale customer service their phone number is: (847) 640-9241. Customer Service Address: 2625 South Clearbrook Drive Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005, USA


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