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View YouTube Video "swing-set assembly"

Assembling the swing-set my kids got for Christmas in the snow for info on the swing-set.

View YouTube Video "Kid Comfort Swing Assembly :: Flexible Flyer Swingsets"

Learn how to assemble your swing set's Kid Comfort Swing.

View YouTube Video "Swing Bearing Assembly"

View YouTube Video "Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set"

The Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure play system is constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated steel to resist rusting and UV-protected polyethylene plastic to r...

View YouTube Video "90177 primary color monkey bar swing set"

Considering buying a 90177 lifetime playset? Here are a few photos we took so you could make a better informed decision.

View YouTube Video "Lifetime Clubhouse Swing Set, Earthtone (Model #'s 90042, 368200)"

This Lifetime clubhouse swing set is constructed from powder-coated steel and UV-protected, high-density polyethylene plastic to prevent rusting, discolorati...

Read some Lifetime swing set reviews

Have not assembled yet, but quality of parts is great

Have not assembled it yet, but so far the experience has been great. Competitive Edge Products offers free shipping, which included delivery directly into my garage. I checked every part and piece of hardware to make sure nothing was missing before we started to assemble, and nothing was missing. The parts of solid, and the powdercoating is well done. Each piece of hardware has a solid heft to it, and all of the plastic parts are solid, too. I love it so far. - FredN - Chicago, IL

Love It

The swing set was delivered pretty quickly. It comes in a big wood crate. The delivery guy was nice enough to take the boxes and parts out of the crate for me. The swing set takes about 8hrs for two men to assemble. The climbing wall was the hardest part to put together. Installing the roof was the next most difficult part. I think its best to assemble the roof on the ground then lift and install on top. Lifting the roof will take some effort but I still think its better than installing the roof as stated in the instructions. The swing set is heavy duty. I weight 200lbs and Im able to swing and slide with no problem. My 3yr twins love this swing set. They use every thing on it. - MomofTwins - St.Louis, MO

Just right for the little kids

Commercial grade bucket swing. It is secure and high quality. Arrived in just a couple of days and the grandkids loved it! - theo - Spokane, WA

very fun swing set

The first few weeks we had this set up in our yard we actually had people stop by and knock on our door to ask where we bought this. We have since had several family members and neighbors purchase this or one of these similar playgrounds. It was one of the best purchases we’ve made. I know it is designed for children, but it is strong enough for me and my wife to swing on as well. The kids love having a clubhouse and use this as much as they use the trampoline. It actually looks pretty good in the backyard. I definitely recommend this product. - Utahcamper - Utah

Great lifetime Play set!

This Playground is wonderful for kids. They spend all day on it. Easy assembly and very satisfactory results. I recommend it to anyone who is looking at buying a swing set for kids. green colors blend well with the backyard. metal is heat resistant and does not burn your kids like normal metal. Great Product - St. George


Its great ,its huge its all coated steel. I do not believe rust will be a issue , The hard ware was good ,I wish the hard ware was all stainless but non the less it was good quality. built extremely well ,sturdy and pretty great. My only real complaint is the instructions .They are a bit lacking .I think each pole should have a letter are marking to identify and what direction it should be facing . There was a couple of times I would assemble to only find out a few steps later that it was wrong. you really have to pay attention to holes on poles and make note of orientation.Its one of those things you look at when your done and say that wasnt to bad but when your in the middle of doing it you will be asking your self "why didnt it tell me ?"over all me an two buddies assembled main parts in 4 and my wife finished every thing else in 2 hrs. you will need some nelp in the beginning as you assemple you have to hold in akward positions and rotate and so on.ater frame is built not to bad. the swing is heavy duty and my 4 yr old loves it ,I would buy againand its the best bang I could find .I stay away from wood cause in my west tx experience there is no way to make the wood last. This has no woor all metal and plastic ,the plastic is thick and sturdy and there is a lot of support. nothing like the swings I grew up on these are way better,and as far as the toys on it there cute ,not sure if id change yet but son loves the climbing wall and slide its pretty dig and steep,I did dig out a pit at bottom of slide and filled with sand. over all worth the money and I feel will last a long time. - Bob the builder - odessa tx

Great seller. Everything was as described and packaged with care. Very pleased - mandyshop12 - Springfield, MO

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