Super Chexx ICE Hockey Arcade Game Equipment

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Product Description

Competitive Edge Products, Inc is pleased to offer the fantastic Super Chexx ICE Super Chexx Hockey Arcade Game Machine. This awesome game can be played as a one on one game or in many cases, especially for tournaments, it is played two on two. Makes for a great family game that will entertain your kids and guests for hours.

Manufacturer Description

An Excellent Game For Over 25 Years, Super Chexx is ICE's first coin ran enjoyment game and it is one of the all-time classics. Also called Bubble or Rod Hockey due to the fact that of the really recognized, unbreakable dome that covers the playfield. The game play is quickly, amazing and realistic as the players on either side control all 5-hockey players and the goalie. The game can be played as a one on one game, or oftentimes, particularly for competitions, it is played 2 on 2. The games brand-new electronics record goals, shots on goal, duration and running time. The running time is operator adjustable. There is an automatic puck return system, overhead dome lighting and if a game is tied after the normal game play it will instantly go into untimely end overtime-so there's constantly a winner.

Product Features

  • All Time Classics
  • The game can be played as a one on one game or in many cases, especially for tournaments, it is played two on two
  • The coin-door has been permanently deactivated
  • Commercial use is prohibited

Product Information

Key Product Details

  • Model: Super Chexx
Although my son can waist me at most sports, I have a chance to compete with him on this one. I love how this game is set up! You can play one on one up to three on three. It is very fast moving, and allows you to boo your opponent for some good laughs. We have had this machine for about 5 years and it has been used heavily by my family and friends and neighbor kids. I haven't had any issues with it this many years. It is robust and extremely high quality. If you can afford it, this is the best way to go.

This is a fun game, with a lot of cool aspects to it. I think its awesome how it not only keeps track of your points, or the goals you've made, but it also keeps track of how many attempted shots you've had. I also think its a cool feature that the machine has a red button, that when pushed, will eject the puck, or boo the other team, a.k.a: you're opponent. Its best to play this game one on one, even though you could play two on two. I've played by myself before, but that really doesn't have the desired affect. When I play by myself, I try to see how many goals I can score. I've scored over 100 goals on this game, even though the average amount of goals scored in a game would probably be about 5. I think the coolest part of the ice hockey game though, is the overtime setting. If you're tied at the end of regulation, you go into overtime, and the first one to score wins. Overall, I'm completely satisfied with this product, and would highly recommend it to others.

Sarah Mower
Super chexx ice hockey is a fun and entertaining game, it has tiny figures holding hockey sticks the game has a red button that when clicked it spits out a black puck in the center of the mini court. I am 9 years old and I love this game it is fun to play with most when played with another opponent like friends and family. When my dad got this a few years ago I was so exited and I still am. You can't get tired of this awesome sport.

This is an awesome game. We got this with the quarter accepter version for the family for Christmas a few years ago. Kids love it and play it often. It is extremely fun to be opponents they are taking a long time. Kids can play one on one or up to six players at a time.

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