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We are pleased to offer the amazing 01772 NBA Baller Beats.Kinect basketball review by Andrew M from Layton, Utah age 12, plays comp basketball, participated in some AAU tournaments and JV and Varsity at his Charter School and is only about 4 Foot 8 inches tall!  He plays point guard and has great ball handling skils that hat have been refined by NBA Baller Beats. 

Baller Beats is a very enjoyable game! It’s a great way to have a fun time while improving your game big time. You sharpen your dribbling skills, learn how to dribble with your head up, and increase your confidence. I know this for a fact as I have used Baller Beats myself, and there has definitely been a huge improvement in my game. I find myself using moves from Baller Beats to burn my man, as well as getting to the basket much quicker.

For those who are not interested in improving their basketball game, don’t worry, Baller Beats is still at your best interest. It’s a great way to exercise. My brother and my sister are not at all interested in improving their basketball game, but they use Baller Beats often as it is a fun, great way to exercise, and to stay fit and healthy.
Another great thing about Baller Beats is it’s easy work with. Kinect can sometimes be hard to use, and I hate the Kinect games where you get on, and half an hour later, you’re still not playing the game yet, because you’re still trying to figure out how to login, or start. Baller Beats, is nothing like this. All you have to do is fire up you’re X-box, turn on the Kinect Sensor, slide the disk in, and SNAP, just like that you’re ready to play. Baller Beats is set up so that it is easy to start playing. A minute after you’ve fired up your X-box, you’ll already be playing the game.

The only negative remark I can say about Baller Beats is that you don’t get enough time on the game because everyone else is fighting over it trying to get their turn. But, apart from the fact that you can only have one player at a time, Baller Beats is amazing!

So, if you want a game that sharpens your basketball skills, gives you great exercise, and is easy to set up, you want Baller Beats. It is easily the most fun video game I have ever played, (if you can even call it a video game, there’s so much exercise involved)! So, whether or not, you like basketball, owning Baller Beats is a must.

Kinect Baller Beats Basketball is a great way for you or your kids to increase their gaming skills and become the amazing basketball player they dream of. So get this game and make your kids dreams come true. Kinect basketball beats other sports games because you get to use a real ball and develop real-life skills. For this price, the NBA Baller Beats is widely recommended and is always a popular choice with lots of people. Majesco Sales Inc. has provided some great touches and this results in good value for money.

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The first ever motion-based sports video game that requires you to actively play using a real basketball. The music is your guide as you aspire to perform like a pro and practice your ball-handling skills while building stamina you’ll need for the court – all while having the fun of playing a video game.

Product Features

  • NBA Baller Beats is a fun, high-energy, first-of-its kind basketball video game for Kinect that is unlike any sports video game on the market.
  • The game is extremely innovative; it requires you to actively play using a real basketball (which is included free with the game)!
  • Aspire to perform like a pro as you master ball-handling skills.
  • The music acts as your guide as you bounce the ball to the beats of a slamming soundtrack.
  • Features an eclectic mix of music across decades and genres, from hip-hop to rock to old school classics

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Check Out this Awesome Kinect Baller Beats Basketball Video of Skrillex on Baller

View this Kinect NBA Baller Beats Basketball Video

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Question: Is their any basketball game for the XBOX 360 Kinect? I don't think their is a basketball only game, but is their a sports game that has basketball in it? " - by "

Answer: Yes, NBA Baller Beats uses a real basketball and will help you develop your dribbling skills, moves, work on weak hand development, court awareness, hand speed, pass faking and shot fakes. Kinect basketball dribbling is surprisingly accurate as well.





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Baller beats is a very fun game that we play at our house a lot. It is great for developing basketball skills and becoming a better basketball player. It is really fun to try and keep up with the beat.

This is the probably the healthiest video game, you will ever play. Some people hear that about a video game, and say ewe...., but not with Baller Beats. Its a very fun game, especially for basketball lovers. Its good for people of all skill levels. If you are not very good at dribbling, you can try the Rookie level, if you are a a pro, you could try the Pro level, or the Baller level. This is why its so perfect. Anybody from any skill level can play and enjoy. This is easily the best Kinect /Video game I've ever played.

Sarah Mower
N.B.A. Baller Beats is a fun basketball game that you play on the T.V. It's sort of like a video game but you stay active by using a basketball and following the directions and moving the basketball in the motions you see. My name is Sarah and i'm 9 years old, and I love to play N.B.A. Baller Beats, when I first started it I wasn't a very good basketball player but when time past and I practiced and practiced and moved on to different levels I improved so much, and then when my dad put me on a Junior Jazz basketball team I dominated, and I don't remember loosing a game. So you should get N.B.A. Baller Beats and trust me that will turn you into someone you never thought you could be. Good luck!

Baller beats is fun and will help increase your dribbling skills it will teach you to cross over, pump fake and, in between the legs. Sometimes it won't sense you. I think it is very fun and I love it. I hope you do to.

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