Lifetime Monkey bar Playset 9 ft Wavy Slide Adventure Swing Set

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Product Description

Competitive Edge Products, Inc are delighted to present the brilliant Monkey bar playset Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide. 90177 is the primary color version and 90143 is the Earth tones version. Get their wiggles out with an enjoyable Lifetime monkey bar swing set constructed from durable steel in Earthtone colours. This system likewise includes 3 belt swings, a wavy slide, a trapeze bar, and also a fire pole. Climate safeguarded versus rusting and staining. Freestanding, no cement needed. The Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set is built of heavy-duty powder-coated steel as well as UV-protected polyethylene plastic so it's weather secured against rusting, staining, as well as heat retention. The monkey bar swing collection is designed with great deals of tasks to keep children gladly in motion for hours. Includes monkey bars, belt swings, wavy slide, trapeze bar, and a fire post. Setting up takes about 4 to 6 hours. To learn more concerning assembly, checked out the 90143 Owner's Instruction Manual Sample. For details on adequate play ground emerging for various fall heights, view page 11 of the Handbook for Playground Safety concerning Playground Surfacing by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Product Features

  • Attractive Earthtone Colors.
  • Heavy-duty steel with zero maintenance.
  • Slide and swing seats made of HDPE plastic.
  • Swing has plastic handles covering the chain for more comfortable swinging.
  • Three belt style swings.
  • One trapeze bar with gymnast rings included.
  • Long 9' ft wave style slide included.
  • Monkey bars and fire pole.
  • Dimensions 13.8' w x 18.6' d x 7.75' h.
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty Included.
  • Package weighs 435 lbs.
  • Product ships crated in multiple boxes. Package can be opened and unloaded 1 box at a time.
  • Package dimensions: 110 inches x 32 inches x 36 inches.

Product Information

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This Lifetime Playset is a top-quality deluxe play system constructed of powder-coated stainless steel to prevent rusting and UV-protected polyethylene plast...

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Key Product Details

  • Color: Earthtone, Primary
  • Model: 90143
  • MPN: 90143

My kids have loved this for years! This is top quality manufacturing. I have another swing set that doesn't compare in quality to this Lifetime one. I love the plastic feel and look, and my kids can't get enough playtime on it! Mine has the little table for the children to play and eat at on the ground and the fort on top where the slide comes off. The kids love having the different levels. This has held up for us for over 3 years now.

Way better than the bid box store play set and I like it better than the wood play sets. Heavy duty for a backyard play set. I had a 14 yo, a 8 yo and. 4 yo all swinging as high as they could and it was sturdy. I did 90% of the assembly myself but needed someone else for help on the other 10%. I also had to drill out the holes in the slide because the plastic had filled in the holes. It was still a very easy assembly because of how well all the parts were packaged and organized. I was very impressed by that. You do need to unload it yourself from the delivery truck and have a hammer and pry bar to remove some boards in the shipping crate and remove the 3 packages that everything is in. A friend or 2 would be good to have, 2 boxes are heavy and long.

mom of 3
This is a very well made swing set. It was delivered on a tractor trailer the driver was very polite and helpful we pushed the crate off the tractor trailer onto the back of a truck and the disassembled it. It took two people close to 2 1/2 hours to put it together. All the pieces fit perfectly we had no problems with any assembling. It is very sturdy, temperatures were in the 90s today and my kids were still able to play on it, the metal was not hot. My children LOVE it! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great swing set. I actually plan on purchasing the Dome Climber after seeing what a great product the Lifetime Swing set is!

This is a fabulous and very affordable Lifetime product! We could not be happier about the top quality construction, the easy assembly, and the look of the finished product. We are confident that our grandchildren will enjoy many hours (and years) of play.

Order arrived on time and well packed. Me and my buddy put it together at 7:30 p.m. and was done by 11 p.m.. The slide wasn't pre drilled which is not uncommon and only 1 section needed some special assistance. All and all very pleasant experience all the way around. My kids love it!

This is a very strong swing set that was easy to put together although we had to do it in three sessions as time permitted. Instructions were clear and all pieces packaged well. Nothing was missing. Just one hole did not line up exactly but with a little filing soon fitted together. Very happy with the product and so are the kids. Competitive Edge was an excellent company to deal with. Very good service, and order arrived quite a bit quicker than expected.

My daughter and her friends love this swing set. I paid someone to put it together, and he did it in 4 hours. He said it was easy to put together although he had to file down some screws and as others said, some holes did not line up exactly. He has put together many of the very expensive wooden swing sets and he said this is the best one he has seen - really sturdy and strong steel and just a great product. Instructions were clear and all pieces packaged well. Nothing was missing. My daughter is 6 so she needs to grow into the monkey bars, but she loves the swings and the slide. We live in Austin, TX, and the metal parts do get a bit hot when the heat gets into the high 90s, but if you spray it down its totally fine. I love swinging on it too but I am 130 lbs, so when I swing really high, it does rock a bit, but when its the little kids, it stays perfectly steady. It may be that the footings are a bit off. Anyway, we love this swing set, it was a great purchase and I know my daughter and all the kids in the neighborhood are going to enjoy many years of fun on it!

Steve T
100% Happy with the purchase of this Lifetime swing set. The only negative would be that someone needs to be home and able to help the delivery driver unload the large crated pack of boxes. 3 large boxes and slide are delivered in one large crate. I spent about a 1/2 hour disassembling and disposing of the crate. Another 1/2 hour unpacking all the parts prior to assembly, and then about 3 hours for assembly. Not bad considering what a large and sturdy overall structure. Two people are needed to assemble in this amount of time, the second person is only necessary to hold parts in place, while the other fastens the hardware. Because all the parts are very precisely designed and mfg., it does take a little patience and finesse to get some of the bolts in place. You can see why in the final result - an extremely well built and sturdy structure with zero sharp edges. All the fasteners are designed to have no sharp edges as well and nothing for clothing etc. to get hung up on. The quality is better than the commercial unit I was using with my son before this purchase, and sturdiness is not quite commercial grade but ten times better than what you will find at the chain stores. Finally, both my wife and I can swing on this set at the same time without it moving at all. It may be for kids but sturdy enough for adults. Great Job Lifetime, and Competitive Edge Products (Best price as well)

So excited to find the swing set we've been looking for - something sturdy that would allow all 5 of our children to play on and be used for several years. We were not at all disappointed when it arrived. Looked great, a few minor scratches, very impressed with the overall appearance. The problems came when we had to put it together. The bolts that came with it were bent and wouldn't match up with the nuts. It took both my husband and I to tighten them. Called Lifetime and after a LONG time on hold finally reached someone who helped by sending out new bolts. When new bolts arrived the head on them were smaller than the included Allen wrench and it was even harder to get a hold on them to tighten. Then while tightening one of the shorter bolts to the slide it sheared itself in half! These bolts are NOT AVAILABLE AT STORES! Called lifetime AGAIN! they are sending out more new bolts ... just waiting for them to arrive so we can finish construction. All in all we are very satisfied with the appearance, sturdiness, and swing set as a whole(my husband and I can use it with the kids!)but very disappointed in Lifetime for not having better bolts.

Mom of 4
Like the previous reviewer, we needed a tough and sturdy swing set to withstand multiple children for many years. Decided on this one and was pleased until the assembly process. The instructions are clear, the product is solid, but the hardware (bolts) are terrible. If you can get the nuts to thread, the bolts break or strip before you are able to tighten them. Its unfortunate that such a quality product has been compromised by cheap hardware.

My Grand kids are 8 and 11, this is the perfect swing set for them. This will last until their late teenage years to young adult. It is a high quality product except for the hardware. The bolts will break off. We have to buy replacement bolts. Other than the bolts this is an exceptional set. Strong quality, great finish. I would have given 5 stars except for the bolts.

Very impressed. I weigh 200 lbs. and am able to swing and hang on the monkey bars without any worry of damaging the swing set. I can also go down the slide, but I can feel the slide bend a little when I get to the dip at the bottom. I think the ladder for the slide could have been designed to be safer. At the top of the ladder there is not much to grab on to. My 4 year old has to stretch for the safety bars on the side in order to pull herself up to the slide platform. Assembly was a little tricky when trying to connect the nuts and bolts, but thankfully my father and father-in-law (both are very handy) helped out and we were able to get the job done. (Updated on 5/8/2012.)

We love this play set! It took my husband a little over 2 hours to put together by himself. We did not have any problems with the bolts as other people have mentioned. We are very impressed with the durability of it. The monkey bars are a little high for my kids, but they will grow into them. My nephew has a wooden play set. Comparing the two, this one is much stronger, doesn't attract wasps to nest, quicker build, and the fireman pole is a big hit that the wooden set did not have. The only thing it doesn't have is a clubhouse. With the money we saved on this set, we built them a playhouse. Love, love, love it!

We bought this swing set for our grandchildren, ages 3 and 1. Both of them will need to grow into it, though the 3 year old is already doing a lot on it! Just assembled yesterday by our son-in-law and son, both of whom are handy with tools ... Took slightly over 2 hours. The set seems very sturdy and should last for years.

As a female I was a little worried about set up but there was no need. Two of us pulled the boxes into the garage and then three of us set up in less than three hours. The metal parts are super sturdy and durable. The feet are plastic and I will watch to see how they hold up. The swings and slide are very Durable and safe. All the girls:2, 5 and 8 had no problems getting on and off swings or climbing up ladder. So far we love it! Delivery was tracked , shipped within good timeframe and delivered right in driveway. (Updated on 10/19/2013.)

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