Lifetime 60072 Dual Compost Tumbler, Black

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Product Description

Competitive Edge Products is happy to present the excellent Lifetime 60072 Dual Compost Tumbler, Black. Cut composting time in one-half with the Lifetime Dual Composter. This double composter features two 50 gallon tumblers which enable continual composting. Now you could let the set of garden compost in the very first tumbler experience while you add fresh substances to the batch in your 2nd tumbler. Addition huge detachable lids for very easy gain access to. Constructed of high-density polyethylene plastic with a strong steel base. Make the most of a much more efficient technique of composting with the Lifetime Dual Composter. The dual tumbler layout indicates you do not have to wait for your initial set of garden compost to complete cooking just before you start on an additional one. This can get rid of weeks of waiting! Each 50 gallon tumbler is constructed of black double-walled polyethylene plastic to take in heat and an internal aeration bar to develop the needed airflow had to break down the garden compost substances. Four small vents are developed right into each edge of the tumbler to give additional airflow. The non-cylindrical concept of the tumblers permits additional efficient combining of components when revolved. The tumblers are established side-by-side on a tough steel base and can be effortlessly switched on its axis for compost turning. Make use of the red handling sign clip to attach to the deal with of the tumbler so you could take note of which batch is cooking as well as which batch you could include fresh ingredients to. With the encased tumbler concept you can speed up garden compost handling time as well as stay clear of the foul-smelling, unattractive mess of an open compost heap. Conserve money on expensive fertilizers by producing your own abundant, fresh garden compost for your veggie as well as blossom gardens. This item does not contain BPA. For more information on composting including what sort of products should and also must not be composted, read the Lifetime Garden Composting post in addition to their How To Compost instructions. To find out more with regards to setting up, reviewed the Owner's Manual Sample.

Manufacturer Description

Our Lifetime dual compost features two 50-gallon (6.7 cubic ft.) tumblers and is constructed with black, UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panels that absorb and retain heat. Load one barrel while the other barrel processes, with a processing indicator included. A aerated internal bar mixes compost and allows needed airflow that easily rotates and locks in place. This ingenious tumbler design turns on axis for easy and balanced rotation. Constructed at convenient loading height and an extra large removable lid for easy access. Balanced lightweight construction offers a galvanized steel base and powder coated steel frame. This unit has an aesthetically pleasing appearance for no more messy compost heaps. Enclosed is compost material that helps keep pests out along with a how to compost guide.

Product Features

  • Load with Lawn and Garden Trimmings and Organic Waste
  • Rotates Easily, Saving the Time and Effort of Turning a Compost Heap
  • Two 50-Gallon Barrels (189.3L or 6.7 cubic ft.)
  • Black Double-Wall Panels Absorb and Retain Heat

Product Information

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The Lifetime Dual compost tumbler is constructed of two 50 gal. high-density polyethylene plastic tumblers set into a galvanized steel base. Designed with ex...

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Key Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Model: 60072
  • MPN: 60072

Captain Crunchie
...for Clallam County in Washington State. When it comes to composters, whether store bought or hand built, I've seen them all. But of all of them, I tip my hat to this one. I was out buying the parts to build a new drum composter - a plastic 45gal barrel and some aluminum - but the moment I saw this one, I was sold! In fact, the money I spent wouldn't even pay for the parts of the one I was about to build. More importantly, this one has indestructible construction (extremely important when dealing with nematodes and other microbes breaking down organic matter into compost), a powder-coated base, and the multi-position drum locking system is a breeze to fill and empty! It's also the perfect size for the average residential home. Best of all,'s incredibly easy! For best results, mix 50% brown with 50% green, then tumble it for a minute or two. Within a day or two (depending on the ambient temperature), the mixture will begin to generate heat. Encouraged by this units double-wall construction, this is what you want, ....SO LEAVE IT ALONE! Once the temperature has subsided, spin the drum for a minute to remix the ingredients. Again, it will begin to generate heat. For best results, do this procedure 3 or 4 times, until it no longer generates heat. It is now ready to use. One last comment about compost. The goal of composting is not to make compost, but to create an environment that generates and encourages microbial habitat; these are the little guys that continue to break down organic matter into the building blocks that feed your plants long after you have spread the compost on your garden or lawn. Like you, nematodes need air and water to survive, so dry soil is dead soil. Lifetime Reviews

Madin VT
Pin on right side snapped just turning the bin when 4 months old. Now both door mechanism are made out of cheap steel and are so rusted-can not be opened or closed. Lifetime Reviews

Star Trek 101
I enjoyed putting the composter together with my girlfriend. It definitely helps to have two people to put the product together. It took us about 7 hours. It was not a continuous 7 hours, but the construction took place over a period of a week. I am legally blind so there was an excuse not to get it done in 2 hours. I have it setting outside and it is already loaded with composting material. Thanks for the product. My girlfriend was excited due to the fact we did not have any parts left over. Lifetime Reviews

Joe L.
I'm a backyard gardener and understand the value in making your own compost. Rotating (or "tumbling") composters are one of the best ways to make fast, nutrient-rich compost. I've tried a lot and have been most impressed with those made by Lifetime Products! I own their two other models and have been happy with them, but when I saw this double-unit I decided to swap out my tried-and-true singles for this one double. Assembly was much easier and faster than the previous two models (which weren't that difficult to begin with). It took my 11-year-old daughter and I about two-hours to put both together. I love the one-handed operation which makes these much easier to open and close, and they spin very smoothly. The cantilevered design gives you easy access to put your wheelbarrow under them and dump your compost right into it. Talk about well-thought-out! And they look good, too! Lifetime Reviews

SWF Assembled
This took me 3-4 hours to put together - I was at a slow pace on a hot summer day. The instructions were easy to follow. Per other reviews, I did assemble the base on site of its final home. I can see how moving it would be difficult. I have noticed some rust appearing on one end at the aeration bar so will need to contact Customer Service. I'm a SWF who enjoys small scale gardening and do-it yourself project. I thoroughly enjoyed assembling this product and recommend it! Lifetime Reviews

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