0023 Lifetime 3.5in Ground Sleeve

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Product Description

A Lifetime Ground Sleeve for a 3.5 in. round basketball pole provides rigidity for your inground basketball device while permitting you the option of later pole removal. If your basketball system has a 3.5 inch round pole, Lifetime's 3.5 inch round basketball ground sleeve will supply you with the rigidity of an inground system as well as the ease of later elimination. At Lifetime, they aim to keep your alternatives open! Lifetime's 3.5 inch round basketball ground sleeve needs cement for setup, which provides the rigidity you prefer. Just move the basketball post right into Lifetime's 3.5 inch round basketball ground sleeve and also a locking tab will secure it to the ground. For later removal, simply get rid of the screw as well as glide the pole out. NOTE: This ground sleeve could not be used to transform a portable device right into an inground device. To make such a conversion, call Customer care at 1-800-225-3865 for unique parts as well as instructions.

Manufacturer Description

Game time is set as quickly as you set up the Life time 3.5 in. Ground Sleeve into the front or back lawn. This strong, supportive sleeve makes it simple to set up and get rid of 3.5-inch poles for basketball backboards and hoops. The 18-inch-long sleeve consists of a corner wedge to lock the pole in location and make sure stability. Compatible only with Life time poles. Backboards, rims, and poles all offered separately. About Life time Sports Life time has been changing basketball considering that 1986, supplying products that let you throw down a slam dunk or soar the ideal game-winning shot. Makers of the first adjustable basketball pole, Life time is the world's leading manufacturer of home basketball equipment. Life time makes it all a part of your video game right at home with family and friends, the method it was indicated to be. Quickly set up and get rid of 3.5-inch poles. 18-inch long sleeve suitable with Life time poles. Consists of corner wedge for extra stability. Backboard, rim, and pole offered separately.

Product Features

  • Easily install and remove 3.5-inch poles
  • 18-inch long sleeve compatible with Lifetime poles
  • Includes corner wedge for extra stability
  • Backboard, rim, and pole sold separately

Product Information

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For more information with regards to setting up, review the Lifetime 0023 Ground Sleeve Instruction Owner's Manual Sample.

Key Product Details

  • MPN: 0023

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Coach Nak
This is the 2nd one I bought , one for driveway and the second on the side so I can pull my boat out. No problem at all and the 6 bags of concrete is a little much unless you want to build a pad. I just us post hole digger and only used less than 2 bags for each hole. No problem in stability. Get a 4" drain cap to cover pipe to keep out water. Very satisfied!

This sleeve is nice to have just in case you want to take the whole system down easily ... [but found it locally cheaper without shipping]

CEP Customer
The sleeve made installation significantly easier than other goals I have installed. Great company to work with delivery was only 3 days. Thank you!

The item arrived in a timely fashion. This ground sleeve allows for pole removal if later required. Also, if in the future, a new system can be easily installed in this sleeve.

Sleeve was easy to install. Now I can take the basketball set with me if I ever move

Excellent product made installation a breeze

Mike W
I would recommend this product. It is great to take hoop out for winter or if you move.

The ground sleeve for the in-ground basketball hoop was easy to install but took more cement than anticipated. It makes good sense to install, making removal of the pole possible, if needed.

This sleeve was easy to install and made for smooth installation of the hoop. The cap did however come off when I was adjusting the pole in the cement. Fortunately this did not make a difference.

easy installation, fast shipping and a great way to remove your basketball pole when moving.

everything is great about this product. I would give 5 stars if the material of the sleeve was galvanized or aluminum rather than steel, which will at some point rust away.

Worked as advertised, installation went smoothly. Suggest you take care in setting concrete to keep the bolt threads and head clean.

Great Product. Easy to assemble. I would recommend this sleeve in case you need to move your system.

I looked at buying a goal for a month and went many places to do so. I finally came to this great web site and found all of the goals drastically cheaper than anywhere. It is astounding. I thought that box would not have anything in it. The sleeve was definitely the way to go. If I ever decide to move, I do not have to leave my nice basketball goal. Also, it made it easier to install the goal. The sleeve is shorter than the goal pole and it made it easier to line up everything perfectly. For a few more dollars, this is the way to go.

Worked as advertised

Glad I purchased this sleeve. Really made the installation very easy.

Glad I purchased this sleeve. Really made the installation very easy. Hope I will never need to move the unit or bend the pole, but I am ready if needed. Holds pole tightly in place, but able to adjust if needed.

This ground sleeve made it so much easier to install the entire in ground basketball system! Worked great and saved a lot of time!

This is a nice product. One of my buddies backed into our pole and dented it. Rather than digging up 500 lbs of concrete we were able to purchase a new pole and save a lot of work.

Easy ordering process, received within 1 week of ordering! Great installation instructions.

Best price I found Quick shipping.

Ground sleeve made the hoop a lot easier to install. If the directions were followed correctly, you can adjust the basketball hoop pretty easy with the ground sleeve

Very simple process, easy instructions, and works just fine. Make sure your concrete is not too soupy. You want it thick enough to easily prop up the ground sleeve to set plumb. Small magnetic level works best to make sure its plumb - check often during the first hour of concrete setting. Small garden hand trowel worked best to fill BB pole with concrete. Lifetime web site offers the installation instructions to check out before purchasing, to make sure you are comfortable to install.

Vinny D
I would recommend this product to anyone. I now have the ability to move or take my new basketball hoop with me. Only the sleeve is cemented in. It takes a few extra days to set this up as to cement drying time, but in the end it works great. Instructions were clear and everything came out great.

marcbNew York
Quality product and easy to follow instruction. (Updated on 6/19/2010.)

MN customer
Price was competitive.

Have not installed yet but am sure it will work

It gives you the option of moving the system without digging everything out. All you would lose is the price of the sleeve. One thing to worry about is stability, but I haven't tried that yet. You can always use an extra screw or two in the pole.

Very good product, we are so happy. Thanks

Worked very well for set up, and is great that it can be taken out if tornadoes are in the area, or if we move. Directions were easy to follow. Worth the extra money.

We just installed a week ago. Installation is easy and great idea since we can take pole out and move to another location. Fast shipping.

Looking for the best deal on an in ground basketball hoop. they had the best quality and price.

CEP Customer
I had to move my hoop a couple of times for various reasons and this sleeve really saved me. Its a great product.

It was very easy to install. we enjoy the whole system lot!

A very nice product! I actually used this to help support an older model basketball post and it worked nicely. I could not be more pleased with the quality of the product as well as the utility. I would definitely recommend this sleeve to anyone who needs a quality post support.

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