Kodiak Canvas Tents 10x14ft 8-person Tent with Tarp 6044 0514

Price: $599.99
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Kodiak makes a one-of-a-kind tent to last a lifetime. This tent is a basic tent, but includes all the necessary items to make your camping experience clean, warm, and dry. No need to worry about the micro-burst storm you didn’t anticipate. These tents are built to withstand harsh weather. It keeps you dry in rain and cool in the hot summers. Canvas breathes and the windows allow airflow to keep temperatures to a minimum. The heavy duty zippers are like those you find on your luggage bags. They don’t get caught and jammed and last a lifetime.

Be the envy of the camping spot or camping group by showing up with a canvas army-style tent. These are popular for hunting, desert events, mountain camping, family reunions, and more. By a good tent one time when you purchase a Kodiak tent. Read the reviews and talk to our customer service experts with any questions.

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Kodiak Canvas Tents - 10x14 ft. 8-person Camping tent with Tarp 6044 0514 - Kodiak Canvas Camping tent 6044 10x14 Outdoor camping and Hunting Camping tent The tarp that is included with the purchase of this tent is currently out of stock and will out individually from the tent around May 21 2014. to the lower 48 States. Low Rate Warranty We will beat any online competitors delivered price for this very same package by 10. Call for information. Introduction Specifications FAQ Return Policy Rundown This Kodiak Canvas 10 x 14 tent is fantastic whether you re gone to the camping area with your household or elk camp with your hunting buddies. This rugged all-season tent is well fit for any celebration. Made with premium grade Hydra-Shield 100 cotton duck canvas walls 8.5 oz roofing 10 oz. The tight weave and silicone surface make the canvas watertight yet breathable lessening condensation and mugginess. Go ahead and touch the within walls throughout a rainstorm this canvas will not wick water. This certain version offers out prior to all the other canvas camping tents we bring. The Flex-Bow frame has tempered spring steel rods that keep the tent tight and durable 1 steel tube poles that will hold up to strong winds. The floor material is a super-duty leak resistant 16 oz vinyl with bonded seams that keeps water out. Easy one-person set-up takes just a few minutes after you have it scouted. The steep walls and 6 6 high ceiling offer a roomy interior with stand-up walk-around convenience. Two huge doors with leading rated 10 zippers give hassle-free access to front and back. Two windows to allow sufficient air-flow. Windows and vents have no-see-um screen mesh keeping out the smallest parasites. A huge awning offers shade and a protected entry. The huge storage bag indicates no stuffing into an undersized bag. Large 10 steel stakes included. Low price warranty offer patient to item availability and manual testimonial of the competitor providing. Kodiak Canvas 6044 10x14 Canvas Tents Characteristic Hydra-Shield 100 Cotton Duck Canvas. Dur

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  • Color: tan
  • Model: 6044
  • MPN: 56565
CEP Customer
I got the tent was defective from the factory ... ordered the deluxe model have two of them love the tents ... but having a problem of getting a hold of them for a shipping label to ship tent back ... best tent you can buy though ... ..5 stars ... gave two because of defect ... Competitive edge are great place to buy the tents ... ... just got back from camping with all the grand kids ... people would say wow awesome tents you have ... mic king

CEP Customer
Competitive Edge is the only place to shop for a tent. Had mine at the door in 5 days for free! Had a couple of questions and the staff was really helpful on the phone. Now to the good part. What a great tent. Set it up by myself in the backyard for the initial wetting down. Went up pretty easy. I cant believe the amount of room inside this thing and how much usable space it holds. I cant wait to get it out in the woods.

I could not be happier with this tent. I looked extensively at both Kodiak and Springbar tents. I believe the Kodiak is better in all respects. Better quality, more features, and lower price.

This tent is easy to set up and take down. Very sturdy, held up great in a few nasty storms. Also Competitive Edge has the best price around.

Haven't set this tent up yet, but did receive it sooner than expected ship date. Price is far less than I have found for any similar tent. Looking at it out of the bag, the materials look good, floor looks tougher than I would have expected. Unlike most canvas tents, this one comes with the frame and stakes. cant wait to get this to the mountains and set up camp. I am putting a wood stove in mine, and will send pictures when it happens.

Good Quality tent. Delivery was fast from Competitive Edge. Did not realize the front tent door did not have a screen covering under door flap. Guess I should have looked more carefully at description before I ordered. I probably would have upgraded my order.

I have not used the tent yet on a camping trip but I did take it out and set it up. From what I can see it is a great tent and very well made. One person can set it up without much trouble but as with most tents it is easier with two people. I found this tent on sale here for $150 less than my local retail store. Buy this tent and you wont be sorry!

We are very pleased with the tent. We haven't had the opportunity to use it to date, but are impressed with the sturdiness of the canvas. We will be using it in a couple of weeks and will know more then. Shipping was good (as requested). The ground tarp was left off of the order and was sent immediately with no problem. Excellent customer service.

shorty D
I was impressed with the quality of workmanship and the attention to design. The materials are superior from the canvas to the zippers, floor, poles and stakes. And the customer service was excellent. I ordered it on a Fri. morning and it arrived on Tues. afternoon. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Sean at Competitive Edge Products was great to work with. There was a week that passed between my initial inquiry and purchase and he had all the notes from the original conversation. His follow up with invoice after the sale was also first rate. The tent arrived quickly and was well packaged. I set it up, amazingly simple as advertised, and seasoned it. I also hit it with a couple cans of Kiwi Camp Dry just to be safe. First and only trip was to Burton Island in VT for a week of fishing. Weather was great except for one huge t-storm the day before we left. 40-50 MPH wind gusts and torrential rain. Tent faired well, but I did roll up the awning as a preventative measure. Did have several spots of water come through and some puddling as a result on the floor. I have since set the tent up and retreated with 4 cans of Kiwi in hopes that the spots letting water in will wick it. I did notice one spot on the floor where the vinyl was missing, but the webbing was still there. I have contacted Kodiak to see if they have a patch kit or some sort of liquid vinyl that I could use to fix this small blemish. Its only 1/4 in size, but I want to correct it now. Extremely comfortable, easy to set up, I was worried there wouldn't be enough air circulation with only two windows, but for the week of 80-100 degree temps it was great. I'm excited to use this a lot this Fall and next summer.

I recently ordered this product only to find out through e-mail that it was sold out. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed. My sulking did not last for long because Competitive Edge offered to upgrade my order to the Deluxe model free of charge. I cant say enough good things about Competitive Edges products and costumer service. The Kodiak tent is awesome, we used it in the backyard. I was very excited about the Basic model and I'm sure I would've been more than happy with it but the Deluxe model is amazing. A big thanks to Competitive Edge for being so awesome.

We haven't used the tent yet. We are taking it to Burning Man because we were told its one of the best tents to keep the dust out. When we got the tent, the storage bag was missing. I notified Competitive Edge, they replied quickly and I am awaiting the storage bag. Will update later as to how things worked out.

old elk hunter
Got this tent in two days! Needed a tent for a cook tent at hunting camp. Was impressed with the quality of the zippers, ease of putting it up and down. The ground tarp was perfect. Cant beat the price and the free shipping! Had a short but intense rain shower, no leaks. Had moisture in tent after cooking dinner, coffee etc.,it was gone in 10 min. with the temp. outside at 80+ degrees. Great tent!

Maiden Voyage ... Hoh River Rain forest, Olympic Nation Park. One of the wettest places in the world. March came in like a lion this year ... And it went out Roaring! First 3 days in the park, it rained nonstop. I am an old guy with 2 bionic knees, so I cant kneel down ... So I had a little trouble getting her up in a heavy rain. Got some help from a couple of other campers and up she went in minutes. To my surprise, it was still dry as a bone inside. Set up my cot and kitchen inside and had the floor covered with throw rugs. My Coleman lanterns lit her up like a beacon in the night and kept her warm and cozy ... I LOVE RAIN! And this Kodiak was like being inside a drum set rain symphony ... Their were separate and distinct tones echoing from the roof and side walls that made me feel like I was in a natural cathedral. This tent is engineered so well that it is literally ... tight as a drum. And the rains played a symphony of nature upon the tent that went deep into my soul! The rains bounced and rolled and danced all over the tent ... but never came inside. Ecstasy! Only the awning, could be faulted by some, as it would collect a pool of rain water in the center, but would pour off the side when full. Coming fresh off the Pacific ocean, I used this rain water for cooking and washing and could empty the pool anytime by just pushing it upward. (In the warm summer ... you could it for a shower?) Like the rest of the tent ... even it, never leaked, even though it had water pooled on it for days. Needless to say ... I LOVE MY TENT! ... There could be others out there that may be just as good? And likely cost a lot more? But from my first 6 day trip I cant imagine how anyone could make a tent any better, at any price! Get one ... its a no-brainer if ever there was one! (Updated on 4/17/2014.)

Good tents are hard to find this is worth every dime

Great tent ! We bought this tent about a month ago . We have taken it out two times already . Very easy to put up ,very well made . We go camping as much as we can through the year . I have owned several cheaper tents they do not hold up ! If you love to camp as much as we do, buy this tent . You will not regret it at all .

My second Kodiak and I would recommend these tents to anyone considering buying. They are solid and the canvas is as good as Springbar. The floor in my opinion is better than Springbar. It it strong and waterproof. Very fast shipping as well.

Great tent. Easy to "pitch". Was a bit worried about stability with just two poles, but with all ground stakes placed, the tent went nowhere in the wind. Would likely need a ground not too soft for the stakes, and not so hard they cannot go into. A lot of room in the tent will make this our second home.

Well made product. Better floor and poles than the Springbar at a lower price.

This tent is very well put together, But would like to see the doors of the tent done in white canvas and the sides done in the dark canvas. The awning needs a little work it appears that the water could run down towards the entrance, Maybe an additional pole in the center of the Awning. With our heater we stay warm and dry during recent hunting trip.

Wow! Delivery was amazingly fast. I was unable to have time to set it up before my trip hunting, so when I got to the woods I was excited to see just how easy it was to set up. during a storm I sleep very soundly. The wind and rain did not effect this tent in any way. Only one thing went wrong with it as now it has a neat Camouflage effect because the leaves sort of stained the roof area. no damage done. The awning needs to be set for drainage otherwise it pools in the center. No biggie. One night was about 34 degrees and my buddy heater made the interior nice and toasty on low setting. I sat inside and ate my supper at a table I set up and listened to the radio while the storm raged on. This tent is like having a motel room in the woods. Not a back packer tent due to weight but definitely worth the money.

Setup was a snap. Great workmanship cant wait to use it again.

Happy with Tent. Great price, Great service. Ordered over the 4th of July and did not expect to receive it so soon. Thank you!

super dave
I purchased this tent after camping in Wyoming in a regular 3 season tent. what a difference! the first three times I used my Kodak it rained and blew very hard. The first time I was worried, each time after I grew more and more impressed. NO WATER EVER! Had stuff up against the tent on the inside during rain,no weeping. I even set it up after a hard rain on water soaked ground. Set up is easy one person operation. Extremely sturdy parts. The floor seems rubber instead of cheap tarp flooring. I even set it up on gravel with no tarp and dogs with nails with no hint of a scratch. when you zip up for the night(heavy zippers) you feel like you are in a room not in a tent. plenty of room for me, my wife and 3 dogs, two queen beds (one for us, one for the dogs!) chair, suitcase, small table. This tent is so durable and waterproof that I can keep electronics,portable a/c unit without worrying that it will get ruined. The only problem is finding enough free time to take full advantage of this incredible product. I cant wait to go camping next, this tent will last forever! if you are going to buy a 250$ tent, DO NOT! Save a little more dough and buy something you wont have to replace in a few years, that you can extend your camping season because its a FOUR season tent(value!) and if you take care of it can be passed down to your kids. Think value not price! (Updated on 7/1/2011.)

Great Pricing and easy to find items

we finally used this on an overnighter, it was so quick and easy to set up and very roomy inside without the nasty canvas smell of a sheep herders tent. This tent was built to last!!! The only thing it is lacking is a privacy curtain so that when you want privacy to change your clothes etc. I would recommend this to everyone.

We bought this tent for our scouts because for some reason they all like to cram into one tent. This one is big enough that they can even fit some of their gear.

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