Kodiak Canvas Tent - Six-Person 10x10ft Tent and Tarp 6051 0510

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Product Description

The 6051 is good replacement for the very popular 6055 Kodiak Canvas model.

Manufacturer Description

Kodiak Canvas Tent - Six-Person 10 x 10 Ft. Tent and Tarp 6051 0510 - Kodiak Canvas Tent - Six-Person 10 x 10 Ft. Tent and Tarp 6051 0510 Low price warranty We will beat any online advertised delivered price matching our exact same offer by 10. Call for information. Review Specifications Accessories Videos FAQ Rundown The Kodiak 6051 Hydra-Shield Canvas Tent makes camping a breeze. Easy to read instructions and one person set-up. This 10 x 10 canvas outdoor tents sleeps around 6 grownups side by side. The Hydra-Shield canvas keeps rain and moisture out and lets the fabric breathe which lessens condensation on the within walls of the outdoor tents. The Kodiak 6051 Hydra Guard Canvas Tents also come with poles made from tough cast aluminum. Kodiak Canvas tents have a really comparable design to Springbar tents but Kodiak Canvas tents were not made to be an inexpensive imitation of a Springbar outdoor tents rather an improved advancement. Kodiak Canvas tents are made with top of the line materials and parts including heavy duty zippers. In a go to head comparison you will get similar canvas and frame. Nonetheless Kodiak Canvas gives you provides you do not get in Springbar such as Double Doors 16 oz vinyl floor Springbar has 9 oz heavy duty 12 inch steel rod stakes etc. You get a terrific value at an economical price with Kodiak Canvas camping tents. The floor of the outdoor tents is a made from a super-duty 16 oz vinyl that is reinforced by laminating it with a polyester mesh. It resembles what is utilized in some above ground pool. It is totally water resistant. There is a seam in the floor where 2 sections vinyl are weld-sewn together. Local pickup readily available in Salt Lake City Utah. Canvas Outdoor camping Tent Product packaging Consists of Tent Poles. Tent Stakes. Framing etc. Manual Consisted of in packaging and will consist of list of extra parts and features. Guarantee The 6051 Kodiak outdoor tents comes with a restricted life time service warranty through the producer Kodiak Canvas. Information consisted of in the packaging. Kodiak Canvas Te

Product Features

  • Approx Weight: 68 lbs (Includes tent, poles, stakes, and storage bags).
  • Ceiling Material: 10 oz Hydra-shield™ cotton canvas.
  • Wall Material: 8.5 oz Hydra-Shield™ cotton canvas.
  • Floor Material: 16 oz vinyl. Polyester reinforced.
  • Frame: 1-inch, galvanized, steel tubing.
  • Flex-Bow Rods: 3/8-inch, solid, spring steel.
  • All-Season: Can be used year-round but not designed for harsh winter mountaineering.
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty.

Product Information

View YouTube Video "Kodiak Canvas Tent Model 6051 Unboxing/Setup/Seasoning/Walkaround"

I'm 70 years old, retired, with a lot of free time, but short on free cash for spending. I decided to devote some of that free time to camping and stock photo...

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Have looked at this tent many times over the past couple of years to use while hunting. I am impressed by the quality and ease of use and look forward to putting to the test in an out of state hunt this year. Thanks to Competitive Edge for the fast free delivery!

This is an awesome tent! It is easy to put up and super easy to take down. It is a very heavy duty tent and is constructed very well. My husband and I used it on a recent outing. We used a queen size air mattress and we had plenty of room to move around even with a chair and all of our stuff in there. I love how thick the floor is. The walls are also heavy duty. Our old tent was one of those small nylon tents. This is such a nice improvement over that!

One of the best tents on the market in this size range. Super easy to set up, very stable, water proof, and great quality! Money well spent.

big red dog
got the 10x10 bow flex tent haven't gone through a rain storm yet so I do not know about that. easy to set up one person 10 minutes tops. got the basic one because we do not tent camp much just on 4 wheeler rides mostly. a king or queen air mattress you still got room to walk around great for the dollars I spent

Tent arrived super fast. I checked out everything to make sure it was there and not damaged. I set it up with a friend in the front yard that weekend. Tent looks perfect, neighbors admired it. Setup instructions were easy to follow and spot-on. Takedown instructions were a bit harder, because if you fold it like the manual says, its too big for the bag. We settled on neatly tucking in the sides so the roof was on top, folding in half, folding in thirds then rolling the tent. It then neatly fit into the carry bag.

It is a really nice tent, I bought it to take it on a hunting trip up to the mountains in Colorado and I am very confident that it will work with no problem.

T robi
This is the best tent ever an very good customer service from competitive edge. Thanks

I love these tents! I had already bought the deluxe version in the 10x14 size. It is nearly bullet proof. When I saw that they build the non-deluxe version I knew it would be perfect for our scout troop. The standard version still has two windows to offer plenty ventilation. I like that this came with its own ground cloth. I like that it is fitted to match the tent. I have used these tents in many different situations and it has not let me down yet.

Four of us slept in this Tent for a week in our yard right after purchasing it very comfortably, Then went camping where we were in two harsh storms, a huge down pour of rain with very strong winds on the first day, than hail and rain with even stronger winds the second day. It stayed up right without bending to the wind and was completely dry inside. My wife and kids were very happy with my purchase. My wife was a bit skeptical about me buying the tent until after the storms, now she is completely sold and ready to take it hunting. I love this tent and am looking forward to purchasing another soon.

Great price for a quality tent. My wife was skeptical about the purchase. The tent arrived and she was concerned about the weight. We set up the tent to check it out. As I went around the tent staking it down she commented that it seemed to be a lot of trouble. I explained that all tents should be staked down first. when we got out the tent poles and put the spring rods in she thought that was easy enough. Then when I we raised on side followed by the other she said "That's it?" We stepped in the tent and she then commented that it was huge! She noticed the excellent quality of the floor and canvas. Following the instructions we sprayed the tent with water and she was equally impressed with how the water just beaded and fell off! Very excited for this excellent tent!

I have owned 6 of these tents, and use them with scouts. We go on monthly camp outs and put them through every weather type Idaho can throw at them. It will hold up 6+ inches of snow, and not let any water in - literally if we had 4 inches of standing water we were dry. I tell everyone about them, and this is the best place to buy them!

I have spent most of my life enjoying the outdoors of the Southwest and have camped in all conditions in a large variety of backpack and canvass outfitter tents. Kodiak tents are simply the best canvass style I have ever used. For the combination of quality, durability and ease of set up I do not believe you can find a better value.

Awesome tent literally waterproof/windproof. Do yourself a big favor and order the tent. Competitive Edge had the best price and tent was shipped quickly. Thanks again for a great product at a great price.

Gordsgone fishing
After ordering a Kodiak 8x9(#6098)tent, we realized that it may be a bit too small for our needs and e-mailed customer service to change our order to a 6051. Customer service made the change with no problems. There was a small credit misunderstanding, but was quickly resolved (the #6051 was less money) over the phone - Charley was great to work with! Thanks to Competitive Edge Products for honoring their sale price on a change order. Tent arrived next day and is AWESOME!!! (Updated on 3/30/2013.)

Best tent I have ever bought. Just set it up today and its a beauty.

$140 cheaper then Sportsman Warehouse and free delivery!!!!

I set up the tent yesterday in the yard to do the recommended water spray down. Surprise one - the tent was set up in just a few minutes. Yesterday had wind gusts up to 40 mph and the tent stood sturdy and unaffected by the wind. Surprise two - room! I am 6 feet tall and I can walk upright anywhere in this tent yes even to the outside walls! I chose the 6051 model over the 6010 deluxe because of the price difference. The added perks of the more expensive model simple do add up to value added. I am very pleased with the model I chose and find the two windows very adequate and the inside hanging pockets can be duplicated for just a few dollars. This tent is quality+ and if you are replacing a light weight cheep tent, you will be amazed at the difference. WARNING this tent is heavy and is not suitable to carry long distances. Breaking down the tent is a snap! I am now all ready to enjoy my first outing planned for the opening of fishing in April!

Tent showed up in two days, as soon as it arrived I set it up. This was an easy set up which I accomplished by myself. Once set up I realized just how much room the 10x10 tent offers. Material is heavy duty. I inspected all the seams and found no problems. Excellent quality for the price.

My first outing with my Kodiak tent left me pleasantly impressed with this tent. It went up easily and took longer to drive the stakes into the ground than to actually set the tent up. There was no rain, but some high winds and while my neighbors tents were visibly being moved around by the wind mine was showing no affects. The take down was just as easy, the only problem I had was one of the stakes seemed to have grown very attached to the earth and was hard to pull up. I folded the tent and it did take a little coaxing, but did go back into the bag fine. Nice tent, I kind of wish Id gotten the 10x14 as my only regret.

James L
I have always liked the outdoors. However I never liked camping in bad weather because of the chance of losing a tent or having wet items. Since no one can control the weather. I did not camp much. Now I'm older and I have kids of my own. I have a daughter who loves the outdoors. So We as a family got back in to camping and involved in the Girl Scouts. I told myself if I was going back into the camping world. I was going to look for a quality tent. I ordered the tent on a Saturday night. It was shipped out that Monday and I received that Friday just in time to go camping. I was attending an outdoor class to get certified for our Girl Scout troop. I setup two tents this weekend. (Canvas and another tent). It rained all weekend off and on.(Mainly on). Wind from 8 to 25 MPH. The another tent did not do so well. Ended up with three broken poles and the tent ripped up for the poles. It was only two years old and use maybe 5 times and this was the first time in bad weather. The CANVAS tent did very well. I only knew the wind was really bad because I could hear the other tents flapping in the wind. The Canvas Tent(6051) is a easy to setup. It took me about 20 minutes and this includes reading the instructions. It took me longer to setup the other tent with the help of one other person. I had a little bit of water the first night because I did not have time to set it up and season it like several videos on YouTube say too. However if you read the instructions its recommend to season it by letting it stay up through a rain storm. After the initial storm the tent dry and never leaked for the rest of the weekend. The tent is heavy and some people say that its a drawback. However if you read the description. It states that its not a backpack tent. That it weights about 68 lbs and is use for car camping. I do not see the weight as a drawback. I see it as an opportunity for the family to make lasting memories with little worry about the tent or our items inside. We are already planning our camping outings for the summer. If the company will let me write another review. I will write again after several uses of the tent with the family. (Updated on 4/6/2014.)

I have used this 10x10 Kodiak tent for three years in all weather conditions. This spring in the Alvord desert the wind was so strong it destroyed two neighboring tent in the night. My tent was in great shape in the morning. I one small spot that frayed on the roof. Kodak's warranty department refused to do anything about it,lifetime warranty is a joke.

Super easy set up. stays pretty cool in the heat. easy to put away. (goes back in its bag easy)

Serious Krista
The first time we took out this tent, there was a downpour, so I know that it keeps dry. It rained on both nights we camped, and I mean it REALLY poured it down. The tent has a very unique design and it is Made of heavy duty construction. We had to dry it out in the sun when we returned home.

We like to camp in areas that are very very windy like Bear Lake and Starvation. So this tent is a MUST have for places like that where the wind can blow down pretty much every tent except for these ones. We set it up for a test last night in our backyard to see how easy the setup was and it was SUPER easy. definitely a two person job though because of how heavy it was. It was a good test of the wind because it was crazy windy when we set it up and we had no issues at all. I actually got my sister in law to buy one for herself and her family because of how awesome it is.

This Kodiak Canvas tent is incredible! I have owned Springbar tents in the past and while they set the bar for modern canvas tents I believe this Kodiak tent easily equals and probably surpasses it especially with the money saved and quality gained. I hope to use this one in West Virginia soon. This 10x10 is perfectly constructed, the quality control is superlative! You cant go wrong here and you will save a bunch of money as well! 5 Stars from this owner.

The tent is very easy to assemble and the frame is very sturdy. With the front/rear entries and screened windows, it allows very good ventilation. I like the heavy duty floor and spacious inside area.

This tent can be easily set up by me in about 15 minutes. It takes about 25 minutes if the kids help. The zippers and the fabric are high quality. It does NOT leak at all. It breaks down easily and fits nicely in the case for transport. This is by far and away better than those cheap nylon mesh tents. It is well worth the cost for a high quality tent.

This is a very excellent tent. I bought one for myself and I am 69 years of age and I can set it up very easy. I have used it on camping trips, fishing and elk hunting. Keeps us dry and comfortable. I bought one for my son that grad. 3 years ago and he uses it all the time. and now my other son is grad. and I bought him one also. The company ships it fast and are very pleasant to talk to. I highly recommend this seller and the tent. You will not find a better tent for the money ... ... Jerry

I just finished a week long camping trip in east Texas. Put my tent up with 2 XL Cabelas cots and a portable air conditioner. Had plenty room at ends and under cots for gear. Put a rug on floor between cots. The AC had me looking for big cover before morning. We experienced 60 mph winds, rain and hail. The tent never moved and there was not a drop of moisture inside. I love tent camping and this tent only makes the experience better. Highly recommend this tent to anyone.

CEP Customer
Awesome tent! Easy to assemble, very well made. My friend has one that he has used for 20 years. Does excellent in rain and snow as well!

This would be my second review of the Kodiak 6051 tent. We finally had enough dry weather here in Douglasville, GA to put it up and wet it down today Jan 31 2012 as per the instructions. So we put it up and wet it down as instructed. My son stayed inside as I turned the water hose on the tent, all sides,top and bottom and guess what ... ... . Just like they said . NOT ONE DROP INSIDE. NOT ONE. I am very difficult to impress but this tent and the service I have received from CE has REALLY IMPRESSED me ... ... .I would HIGHLY recommend this tent to anyone looking for one. It takes longer to stake it down than to actually put the tent up. Thanks again Charlie. (Updated on 1/31/2012.)

I Elk hunt in Colorado every year and I need a good tent. I am very impressed with the quality of this tent. Not to mention the ease of set up. Competitive Edge was very helpful with the questions I had before I placed the order. They were a pleasure to do business with. Buy the tent if you need one,you will have no regrets.

Bought this tent for late season, bad weather hunting. So far it has been perfect. Heavy duty floor but we still use a ground cover under it and a piece of carpet inside to help with cold and dampness.

Roger Brown
This tent is by far the best tent I have ever seen. I followed the instructions about wetting it down, then left it up over night to make sure it was really dry. The next day when I removed the upright poles it just sagged a little but stayed up. I had to unzip a door to get it to come down! It was pretty much air tight. I do not think this thing is going to leak. This is a heavy duty tent, that is really well made. I plan to live in it while working away from home this winter. I will update this review next spring. Oh yea, super fast shipping too.

Great company to do business with. I was extremely satisfied with my purchase as well as the unbelievably fast shipping.

CEP Customer
Saving nearly one hundred dollars over other companies, receiving my tent in just four days, and getting a super-high quality product! What's not to like about my experience with Competitive Edge Products? I would recommend this company and this Kodiak tent to anyone.

More than I expected. Kodiak canvas 6051. Shipping was VERY fast. I expected notification but the package arrived before any notification came- less than 1 week after order placed. Overall weight 63 or so pounds- but poles/stakes take up majority of weight. Setup: Really a breeze. Watched this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RInVfzICvE and had it staked and raised in about 20 minutes. Literally 2 minutes assembly after stakes placed. Impression of materials: Seems to be VERY high quality. My 7 and 4 year olds are in HEAVEN! I seasoned the tent with a heavy water spray and no leaks. Very nice and comfortable colors. I kind of thought that the Deluxe versions may have more to offer (with the vents, extra windows and organizers)- but really this model has all the sturdiness and gross materials as the others and I was able to separately order the organizers for $27 w/ shipping; and added a tarp, tent carpet, 2 extra tension rods (be prepared!), and an LL Bean mat for about the price of the 6010. Mesh in the doors scares me with 2 little ones- nothing good can happen with that! Any ways EXCEEDINGLY satisfied with this purchase to date.

I checked out Kodiak tents at the local sporting goods store prior to purchasing here. They appear to be really good quality. Competitive Edge pricing is far better, so I purchased here. The product will be tested hard this fall during soggy, cold hunting seasons in western Washington.

I ordered my Kodiak canvas tent on Tuesday and receive it on Friday, from Utah to California. Only 4 days, I couldn't believe it. I ordered the 6051 with two windows not four, for a good hunting tent in rain and snowing conditions. Made with real canvas, will not leak water real easily to put up with one person.

Ohio River Rat
I have not actually camped in the tent as of yet but it got a really good test anyway. I set it up the day I received it and wet it down. Some business came up and I was unable to take it down after it dried that evening. The next 4 days off and on was heavy rain and strong winds with strong storms. I was scared to death that my investment was going to get blown away. After the weather finally settled down I unzipped the door and not a drop of water and the tent looked unshaken after enduring all the strong winds and storms. It is just a simple plain Jane tent that will serve me well with my intended use. It is very well put together and easy for one person to set it up and take it down. I was very impressed with the quality of the tent. It arrived in a timely manner and was a smooth transaction with Competitive Edge Products. I would do business with them again. Very good product.

Well I have not got to camp in it yet, but I did set it up in my front yard. I did get some strange looks by passing neighbor, but it set up very easy. It broke down even easier. I plan on using it this elk season and for camping with my wife this year. So as of now I have no complaints. It seems very sturdy the floors is thick with a rubber covering that seems to be a really nice feature. I am overly excited about using it. I will update my review once I do. (Updated on 2/12/2011.)

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