Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

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Product Description

Competitive Edge Products, Inc is delighted to offer the fantastic Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent. Kodiak has risen to become one of the most prestigious and reliable canvas tent makers in the United States. Whether you are a boy or girl scout, a hunter, camper, elk hunter, or mountain man , this tent will keep you warm and dry. These tents are commonly used in major events Jamborees, Burning Man, and many events through out Australia. Nylon tents are a dime-a-dozen. They can break in a single bad windstorm. Not so with Kodiak tents. Kodiak can withstand heavy winds and can be used all-year round in extreme heat and cold. The Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe Kodiak 8 Person Tent will be a great purchase. We often hear, "You get what you pay for." That's true with most tents. With Kodiak tents you get far more than what you pay for including over-sized 12-inch steel stakes, a Polyvinyl chloride floor, and a structure made from cotton duck canvas. For this great price, the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent comes highly respected and is always a regular choice for many people. Kodiak Tents have added some excellent touches and are a great value for the money.

Manufacturer Description

Whether you're headed to the camping site with your family, or elk camp with your hunting buddies, this rugged, all-season outdoor tents is well matched for the event. Made with premium grade, Hydra-Shield, 100 % cotton duck canvas. The tight weave and silicone finish make the canvas watertight yet breathable, lessening condensation and mugginess. Go on and touch the inside walls throughout a rainstorm-- this canvas will not wick water. The Flex-Bow frame has actually tempered, spring steel rods that keep the outdoor tents taut, and robust 1-inch steel tube poles that will hold up to fierce winds. The floor is a smooth, durable, puncture resistant, 16 oz vinyl that keeps water out. Easy, one-person setup takes only a few minutes after you have it staked out. The steep walls and 6'6" high ceiling provide a roomy interior with stand-up, walk-around comfort. Huge front and back doors with leading rated # 10 YKK zippers give practical gain access to. Four windows, and 2 vents enable ample air flow. Windows and vents have no-see-um screen mesh, shutting out the tiniest vermins. A customizable gear loft space and organizer system offer loads of locations to stow gear. A huge awning offers shade and a covered entry. The convenient strap-and-cinch storage bag implies no cramming an outdoor tents into an undersized bag. Large 12-inch steel stakes included.

Whether you're heading to the camping site with the family or the elk camp with your hunting buddies, the rugged, all-season Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow eight-person outdoor tents is well matched to the event. The Flex-Bow outdoor tents is made of an exceptional, marine-grade, 100-percent cotton duck Hydra-Shield canvas. The custom-woven, dealt with canvas is optimal for camping tents, as the double-fill design is strong and long lasting, while the silicone, dry-finish therapy is watertight, breathable, and long lasting. As an outcome, campers will stay comfy and dry even in a rainstorm. Unlike synthetic materials or canvas with a paraffin- or oil-based therapy, Kodiak's canvas permits water vapor to escape, lessening condensation, humidity, and mugginess. Plus, you'll rarely-- if ever-- have to retreat Kodiak canvas.

The Flex-Bow frame is every bit as strong, with 1-inch galvanized steel tubes and 3/8-inch Flex-Bow spring steel rods keeping the outdoor tents taut at all times. To further enhance ventilation, the outdoor tents consists of 2 funnel-flow vents that circulate air and help with temperature management. And campers will not feel claustrophobic thanks to the outdoor tents's spacious 6-foot 6-inch ceiling height, 2 big D-shaped doors (front and back), and 4 big windows, all covered with no-see-um mesh. Various other details include a 16-ounce, polyester-reinforced vinyl floor; a large 84-by-78-inch awning; a customizable gear loft space and organizer pockets; and an useful strap-and-cinch storage bag. The Flex-Bow, which sets up easily with one person, is designed for year-round use, but isn't suitable for extreme winter season mountaineering or heavy snow buildups.

The Flex-Bow's spacious footprint sleeps up to 8 individuals.


  • Ability: 8 individuals
  • Ceiling material: 10-ounce Hydra-Shield canvas
  • Wall material: 8.5-ounce Hydra-Shield canvas
  • Floor material: 16-ounce polyester-reinforced vinyl with welded seams
  • Frame: 1-inch galvanized steel tubing
  • Rods: 3/8-inch solid spring steel Flex-Bow rods
  • Outdoor tents measurements: 10 by 14 feet
  • Ceiling height: 6 feet 6 inches
  • Pack weight: 79 pounds (consists of stakes weighing 6.5 pounds total)
  • Pack size: 30 by 16 inches, with pole bundle determining 48 inches long and 5.5 inches in diameter
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime guarantee

About Kodiak Canvas
Born in the durability of the Rockies, Kodiak Canvas has actually rapidly made a track record for making challenging, durable camping tents suitable for nearly any camping circumstance. Each outdoor tents is made of high-grade materials and components, helping Kodiak tents far outlive cheaper-made camping tents. The company's camping tents showcase Hydra-Shield canvas construction, a tough, durable material that lessens mugginess and holds up to strong winds, driving rain, and even moderate snowfalls.


Product Features

  • Made with Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas that is durable, watertight and breathable
  • Spacious 6'6" ceiling height provides walk-around comfort
  • Two large D-shaped doors (front and back) with #10 YKK zippers
  • Four large windows with no-see-um mesh
  • Two funnel-flow vents help improve air flow and temperature management

Product Information

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Video Tour of Kodiak Canvas Flex-bow Deluxe Tent #6014.

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Shows the easy set-up of a Flex-Bow tent. Shows the main features of this well made shelter.

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Key Product Details

  • Color: White
  • Model: 6014
  • MPN: 6014
I absolutely love this tent! I have been camping for over 30 years and have never felt more comfortable in a tent. I have taken this tent to the dessert and it held up in dust storms, heavy rain, hail, and the sun. I would recommend aluminet for shade cover if you're planning on camping in very hot areas with no shade. This tent is made with very solid canvas and the stitching is exceptional. I don't have one complaint.

Sky Ranch
Perfect tent for long term camping! EASY setup! Very important. I have camped in mine for a month at a time for the last 3 years in Idaho wilderness. Rain,snow,wind no problems. Did I say easy setup? I have a North face dome 8, used a few times, Take it to Mt Everest. 1 hour to set up. cost $3000.+ This tent is not for backpacking. 5 stars!

I bought the 10 x 14 deluxe tent ... set it up to season it with spray water ... got to looking at it and ordered another one ... now that's hoe awesome they are I have a lot of grand kids ... need two ... also bought the disco bunk beds ... camping in style ... .

I have yet to use this amazing tent but I have been in my friends tent and after seeing their tent, I was sold. I saw how easy it was to erect the tent. It was the most easy assembly ever! The height of the tent was tall enough for our tall friends who would normally need to bend down in most tents. This tent is solid and has abundance of space! We purchased the 10 x 14 and I cannot wait to use it on our adventures. You get what you pay for and this tent was worth every penny and 10 fold. I would completely recommend this tent to anyone who wants quality!

This is more a review of Competitive Edge than Kodiak Canvas. I was exceptionally pleased with the Price, the product description, the web site and the amazing speed of delivery on this product. I set up my new Kodiak Canvas 10 x 14 tent for the first time in about 20 minutes by myself, and I think it will be much quicker the next time. The quality of materials is evident from heavy tent poles, to the canvas material of the tent, even the zippers are easy to use. I would highly recommend Competitive Edge and Kodiak Canvas.

GREAT tent! Easy one person assembly. Took me a little longer than stated only because I did not review the instructions first (got the tent for Xmas) and just recently set it up (May). Spacious and the floor is outstanding! Well constructed. I spent a lot of time researching this purchase. I had a canvas wall tent (12x14)that served me well but as I have gotten older(61)it has become harder to assemble and care for. Looking forward to Elk hunting this year and putting the tent to the test. The vestibule is a nice addition. A camp stove will fit in nicely. The products were shipped promptly and arrived in good condition. My only issue is the awning should have another set of grommets about 2 inches inboard for covering the top edge of the vestibule. It will drip water as designed. And it does rain occasionally here in the Pacific Northwest! Will be an easy fix though.

I have wanted this tent for two years now. never could find the extra money, so when the opportunity came up, I took it. my other tent broke, and had a camping trip planned. all the stores around me were sold out. I did not want to order one, but I really wanted this tent. I ordered it, wasn't expecting it so fast. that was amazing. I love this tent. well worth the two year wait. ill never have to buy another tent again. john at Competitive Edge was very helpful. he even called and gave me pointers on all the features and how to take care of the tent. one of the best decisions I ever made.

Received my Kodiak Canvas 6014 5 days after ordering even though they told me 6-10 days! :-) Tent was packaged very well. It is a very nice tent and will hopefully last a lifetime. The free tarp was a nice $70 bonus!!! Its a way heavier tarp than you'll get at home improvement stores. You'll not be disappointed. Only gave it 4 stars because I haven't used it in the rain yet to see if it leaks. It did not leak during the seasoning process.

The first night of use I the tent we encountered a freak storm with 68 mile an hour winds it with held it and stood its ground. We ended up staying in it 5 nights and its great. Definitely worth the money. So impressed as where all our friends.

I ordered and received this product from Competitive Edge Products in October of this year (2013). Since then I have set up the tent four times, and camped in it twice. I can testify that all of the positive reviews are true, from my experience. This is one seriously heavy duty (and seriously HEAVY) tent. ********************* Here are some “pros” which I like about this product: -- when setting up or taking down this this tent, it will lay FLAT on the ground, due to the heavy weight canvas construction (and super heavy weight floor), and not get blown around in windy conditions! No running around (like synthetic tents) fighting the wind. This makes folding and unfolding the tent much easier than lightweight tents. -- taking the tent down and storing it in the cinch-style bag is fabulous. As others have said, no fighting to stuff it into a sack. Just fold it in half lengthwise twice, roll it up, and then roll it into the bag. Then fold over the bag flaps, cinch the straps up, and you’re done. ALL large tents of any type should have storage bags designed like this! -- one person can indeed set up this tent alone, in maybe 20 minutes or less. As others have said, the longest time spent will be staking it down. The first time you use the ridge poles, you may have to take a little longer figuring out how they work. But if you read the included instructions, it is not difficult. -- once the tent is staked and the ridge pole/flex-rods are assembled, the tent is simply raised on each side by hooking the two upright poles (one at a time) onto the t-connectors, and then slowly raising up each pole until it can stand upright (and also slipping it into its d-ring pin). After that, you put up the awning and you’re finished. -- the poles are galvanized steel, and are very heavy duty -- the stakes are solid quarter inch, plated steel (or maybe stainless steel?). You can pound on them with a metal hammer or small mall without bending them, even in hard pack soil. I’ve never before seen stakes this heavy duty. -- this tent is very comfortable inside, due to the canvas construction, as well as significantly more quiet than my synthetic tent. Others have already commented on this, as well as other interior features, so I won’t comment further. -- the roof vents are awesome, especially since they can be kept open in the rain, allowing condensation and heat to flow out from the ridge. They are very easy to open and close from the inside. The design helps promote flow-through ventilation (as well as convection, when the doors or windows are kept slightly open near the bottom). -- once you get the hang of guiding the heavy duty YKK zippers around the corners of the doors (without “grinding” or forcing the zippers), you will be able to easily open and close a door one-handed. Each zipper has both a standard metal “pull”, plus an attached sturdy rope pull. By learning how to use the rope pulls efficiently, one handed operation is quite easy, both from the inside and the outside. Also, there is a separate pull for the bottom of each door. This allows the top and side of a door to be fully zippered, while the bottom is left slightly open to allow an extension cord or propane hose to pass through. -- the weather flaps all around the doors and windows are excellent, and will keep out rain even when the zippers are somewhat open. (The rope zipper pulls really help here, as the weather flaps cover the zippers so completely that just having the metal pulls would make operation difficult from the outside of the tent.) The bottom of each door overlaps the tent wall on the outside, allowing the bottom of the door to be kept completely unzipped without rain entering the tent. -- there are two doors (which have built-in high quality noseeum screens), and two full windows. When looking at the front of the tent (awning side), the door is on the right, the full window on the left. Looking from the back, the arrangement is the same (door on the right). This is great, as it means that the doors are diagonal to each other. So people sleeping on either side of the tent can slip out of the door closest to them, when answering the “call of nature” during the night watches. :-) -- the floor: wow! It appears to be a very heavy duty, fabric-reinforced vinyl material of some sort, maybe akin to a swimming pool liner? I can’t imagine water ever being able to get through it. If you don’t like a plastic-y feel underfoot, you could use a canvas tarp over it. Cleanup is super easy, as any mud, etc., can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. ********************* And here are some “cons”, (depending on your needs and perspective): -- this is probably the heaviest piece of camping gear which you will own. There are only five poles in total (one ridge pole, two upright poles, and two awning poles), and yet the bag with the poles weighs 24 pounds! Granted, each pole is multi-sectional (three sections for the ridge, two sections on the side poles, and two for the awning poles). But even still, the poles alone weight as much as some lesser quality tents weigh in total. -- likewise, the tent (without poles and stakes) weighs in around 50 pounds from what I recall. This could be a problem for some individuals to handle alone. Fortunately, the tent bag is separate from the pole and stake bags. -- it takes some strength the raise the tent (and even more to get the upright poles to slip over the little metal pins that attach the poles to the side wall d-rings on the ground). This should improve with repeated uses, as the canvas relaxes some. However, the tent will stand up just fine without slipping the upright poles onto the aforementioned pins. So you could stand the tent up, let the fabric relax a little, and then later slip the upright poles over the pins. -- to make it easier when raising the upright poles, be certain that you leave the roof vents open, and the windows somewhat opened, when putting the tent away. -- you have to stand on the roof of the tent when doing the final assembly on the ridge pole. While pushing the last two sections together (you push “down” on them) this causes the “flex-bow” rods to be put under great tension, and can be unnerving the first time that you do it (as you think that you may damage something). Read the instructions carefully; they are well written and will help you to understand the procedure. There are also some good instructional videos on the Kodiak Canvas web site, and on YouTube in general, demonstrating this process. After you’ve done it once, it will be a piece of cake the next time. Just be certain that you push the flex rods completely into the t-bar connections. There are slots cut in the t-bar connections, so that you can be certain that the rods are inserted completely. -- due to needing to stand on the tent (or a least kneel on it) when setting the ridge pole, you may want to slip off your shoes. Or you could have footprints on the top of your tent! ********************* All in all, I consider this product a lifetime investment. It does come with a lifetime warranty from Kodiak (on materials and workmanship, but not normal wear and tear). And due to the nature of its construction, I’m certain that I could take it to a local awning company if repairs are ever needed on the canvas due to usage damage, etc.

I ordered and product arrived two days later at my door step. The Service Department was quick ,professional and seamless. The follow-up E-mail tracking number and order invoice arrived within an hour. I set the 6014 (10 x14) tent up in the yard by myself. I then sprayed it with a hose as recommended to "season"; the material. The water beaded and there was not evidence of any leaks. The wind came up that night at about 20 mph gusts and the tent did not seem to flinch except for the awning. A center grommet between the front support posts to tie down would correct that issue and help the water shed away from the tent. I have owned many tents over the years, from backpackers to Cabelas guide tents. I look forward to the room and comfort that this walled tent will give my on my week elk hunt in Northern NM next week. My aging and stiff bones at the end of the day makes sleeping on cots more needed. This tent will easily support two cots, a card table, guitar playing with room to dance. JIM (Updated on 10/9/2013.)

This tent is a quality product. Very heavy duty yet easy to set up. Top notch materials. Workmanship seems excellent. Only used it once in the backyard so far but very impressed. Easily fit me, my wife, and our 3 kids (5,4, and 2 years old) with a ton of room to spare. take down and storage was a breeze considering the size of this beast. I cant say enough good things about this tent or Competitive Edge. Excellent costumer service, communication and pricing. I'm very impressed and happy.

Accidentally ordered this tent because model's were very similar (my bad). Had to return/exchange for correct tent. Correct tent is outstanding as I'm sure this one is since they're very similar, but that's not my point. Purpose of this review is to say customer service thru this experience was fantastic even though the mistake was 100% on my end, and I have already ordered more items from Competitive Edge Products since they treated me so well. Thank you!

This is a great tent. Seems as good as a spring bar. The only reasons I did not give it 5 stars are: - Comes with strap stake loops instead of the rope reinforced metal loops of the Springbar - Zippers have string tied onto zippers holds instead of metal holds. - They put the work of water proofing on you by telling you "most of the time it is water proof but sometimes in China they mess up, so go buy $30.00 of Kiwi camp dry and spay it yourself". So in conclusion the 3 items listed above are what you put up with to save a couple hundred dollars over a spring bar. I would most likely buy it again to save the cash! Competitive edge is a great place to buy it, they have good customer service and the best price.

I purchased this tent to replace a very old Coleman canvas tent. I have used it once and am very pleased with the design and construction of the tent. With a little care, it should last many years. I placed my order on Memorial day (May 28); I received it on June 1 by Fed Ex.

First things first. Dealing with the rep from Competitive Edge to place my order was a fantastic experience! Very professional and courteous. I ordered the Deluxe model 6014 tent with the ground tarp. It took less than a week for the item to arrive but well worth the wait. I was very impressed with the quality and durability of the tent. I immediately set the tent up in the back yard and gave it the water test. The water just ran off the canvas like a fresh coat of wax on your car. No leaks! The ground tarp is very heavy duty as well. A lot of quality and workmanship went into assembling these tents. I am very happy with spending a little extra on the deluxe model based on previous reviews I have read. My wife and I will be putting it to the real test in a few weeks and I know it will make for a pleasant outing. I purchased the 10x14 so I can take my kids and Grandchildren with us and have plenty of room. Definitely look at these tents when you want something to last and hold up. Thank you Kodiak and Competitive Edge! (Updated on 2/9/2014.)

Great tent. Plenty of room for a 5 folding table inside along with a queen air bed and gear. Took it up to he rim in January the weekend it showed up. It was COLD. Had the big buddy heater and made our AM coffee in the tent on the table. I would only recommend a small fan to push the heat back down/circulate in the tent. Was cold on the bed but crazy hot when you stood up because the heat was trapped in the top half of the tent. No leaks, easy set up, tough floor. One of the few larger purchases I have made this year without regret as I am sure I will get years of enjoyment out of this thing.

I have owned a Springbar tent for about 10 years. Our family has grown over the last 4 years and we were in the need for a bigger tent. After reading many reviews on a Land Cruiser forum that I frequent, I decided to take a look at the Kodiak 6014. The material and stitching is superb. The features on the Kodiak are far nicer than anything on my old Springbar. I think this tent is going to be a great addition to my camping arsenal and will with stand the constant rain and snow that we get here in the Pacific Northwest. Quality Product+More Features and Options+Lower Cost=A Happy Customer! Not only is the tent above average, but the customer service from Competitive Edge and Kodiak is outstanding. I had a small issue with one of my tent poles. A call to Competitive Edge Products, Inc. about my issue was all it took. The rep apologized for the trouble with the item and was quickly and efficiently in contact with Kodiak. The Kodiak rep called me in very little time to find out exactly what I needed. They were able to ship the replacement parts out and in time for our next family camping trip that weekend! I know what tent I will purchase again when I wear this one out and where I will purchase it! Kodiak and Competitive Edge have made this a positive experience for me all the way around! (well I did have to wait a little longer than expected for deliver, but now I can see why these tents get scooped up so quickly and are on back order!!!)

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