Blackstone Griddles

The Blackstone griddles provide a superb option for lots of outings. The mobility of these food preparation devices makes them a wonderful product to handle family camping outings or scout camps. The quality and strength of the products used to design the frame and frying pan makes these units great for churches and exhibitions. And finally, the accessibility of Grill Top accessories, amongst lots of various other accessories, makes the systems superb for your very own home outdoor patio picnic. Obtain your Blackstone Grill Product by ordering your Blackstone outdoor food preparation devices right here. Order Blackstone Griddle Products on Competitive Edge Products, Inc and get fast, secure checkout and fast shipping options on many items.

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36 inch blackstone griddle/grill unboxing and assembling.

View YouTube Video "Bacon Egg Double Cheeseburger on Blackstone Griddle"

This video is intended primarily for instructional purposes for the process of making diner style pressed burgers on a flat iron grill followed up by the cle...

View YouTube Video "How to cook perfect steak on a blackstone griddle"

Episode 1: "How to cook perfect steak" . Blackstone griddle . Check For detailed recipe and episodes guide.

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Griddle Master Seasoning the Griddle. Blackstone Griddle, BBQ convert to Griddle.

View YouTube Video "New 2011 Blackstone Griddle 36""

New improvements made to the new 2011 Model. The top is from my old griddle, not the new one.

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Griddle Master #1007 How to Clean a Griddle. Blackstone Griddle.

Competitive Edge Products, Inc Customer Reviews

Best on the market

These griddles are the best on the market I just bought a second one for myself also buy the cover with the griddle its worth it I tried a cheap one from local hardware and that is just what it was a cheap one these are well made and worth the money - money - new york

I love this product

I have really enjoyed cooking on this griddle.I have cooked fried rice on it a couple of times with staek and shrimp and it came out great. This is the first flattop griddle that I have ever used. Everything I have cooked has come off great. The only thing I would change on the cooker is the grease drain. It is not the best design when cooking high fat food. Clean up is also very easy. - bubba - Miami,Tx


This griddle is great! Only one thing I would suggest is make sure if you are cooking for more than two is put a larger stainless dish under grease drain because the one that is there is not big enough. The griddle is wonderful and nicely priced, large cooking area and holds it heat well. I have a lot of fun cooking on it for about 100 people! I would buy it again. - Susie - New York

"The Best"

This is the best stove and Griddle on the market.For the price you cant beat it.One person handle it,you can cook small meals too large meals.My friends love it!!. They all want too buy one.But the keep barrowing mine??. Thats ok. I do recommend it. unless you have friends like mine!!. Thank You,Blackstone. Johnny T Silva. - Johnny - Orcutt, CA

So excited about this product

Received 3 griddles for Christmas gifts and am excited to give to children. We have an outdoor griddle and these are far superior to the one we have. The tops are great and the product is well designed. Looking forward to giving to children. Now I wish we had one just like it. fisherman - Rensselaer, IN

Great product and service

Arrived as predicted. Thanks very much. It has really been a pleasure dealing with you and I will highly recommend your business to all inquirers. Cheers and happy days. - TX Customer - Schertz

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