Basketball Pole Pads

Do not let needless bumps and bruises disturb your game; use a pole pad. Post pads lower the dangers from impact with the post. With a post pad, you could stay clear of additional, needless dangers throughout a hard played game of basketball. Many post pads quickly attach to your pole with velcro bands and are developed for indoor and exterior use. Pole pads will provide you with years of protection from those hard knocks. Invest in your safety with Lifetime's and Spalding's pole pads for your basketball system.

Product Videos

View YouTube Video "Barbarian Destroyer Basketball System Installation: Installing the pole pad"


Pole Padding To install the pole padding first place the base pad around the pole and secure the Velcro straps. Then place the large pole pad above it and se...


View YouTube Video "Huffy 8040 Heavy Duty Basketball Pole Pad"

Link: The Spalding NBA Heavy Basketball Pole Pad is a great way ...







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