4435 Lifetime 4ft Fold-in-Half Adjustable Folding Table

Price: $74.99
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Product Description

Competitive Edge Products, Inc is delighted to present the fantastic 4435 Lifetime Prod. Inc. 4435 4' Fold-in-Half Adjustable Folding Table. This convenient 4 ft adjustable fold-in-half table adjusts to 3 different heights, folds in half, and is designed with a carrying handle for easy transportation. No matter where your hobbies take you, the Lifetime 4 ft Adjustable Height Fold-in-Half Table is the perfect companion. From crafty creations at home to painting in a natural outdoor setting, this portable craft table is ready to go where you go. The table is designed with three different height settings to accommodate your various needs and projects, and a stain-resistant surface so it's easy to clean. Table surface allows for smooth handwriting as well. When you've finished your masterpiece, simply fold up your portable craft table and store it until your next burst of inspiration. Designed with convenient built-in carry handle. The Lifetime 4 ft Adjustable Height Fold-in-Half Table is designed with a patented combination of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with a honeycombed tack-off design for extra rigidity and powder-coated steel. This results in a durable stain resistant, scratch resistant table which requires very little maintenance. Your portable craft table will last as long as your creative juices keep flowing! Backed by a 2 year limited factory warranty! (Effective in US and Canada)

Manufacturer Description

Light-weight and resilient, modern design. Layers in half for easy transport and storage, and has a convenient carry handle. Stain resistant and easy to cleanse. For indoor or outdoor use. Adjustable height setups from 22" to 36". 5 year service warranty. Made of high density polyethylene. Size: 48" x 24". Weighs 24 pound. White granite. Weight limit: 500 pound. equally dispersed.

Product Features

  • Powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic
  • Indoor, outdoor, fold in half, adjustable height
  • Easy to clean.
  • Use mild soap and a soft bristled brush.
  • For tough stains, use a mild abrasive such as Soft Scrub.
  • Use rubbing alcohol on wax, and a degreaser for automotive grease.
  • Meets ANSI/BIFMA standards 48" L x 24" W , Adjusts to 22", 29", or 36" Heights

Product Information

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Brand: Lifetime Color: White Granite Height: 24.40 inches Length: 29.60 inches Width: 3.40 inches Manufacturer: Lifetime Products Inc. Material type: plastic...

Key Product Details

  • Color: white
  • MPN: 4435
Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - I use this table for my Father and myself to clean fish. It is just the right size for both of us and the adjustable legs are perfect.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - #4428 a 3 level 4 foot adjustable table is a multiple usable table, it is suitable for both too tall and too short person. My son is a very tall boy, the regular table is a little low for him, long term using regular table hurt his neck and back, this 2 leg adjustable table help us out. we like it a lot.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - LOVE these tables, just what we needed and very portable.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - I make and teach stained glass. Other folding tables are too low for doing crafts. The adjustable legs makes this an ideal table for this. The fact that it folds in half for storage and travel is a definite plus.

john cuomo
Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - I already wrote a review for this item I said after spending $81.00 its not worth it, at the 36" it wobbles and makes me dizzy I bought this table because of my back and the nature of my job, I would not give it a good rating not at the 36" height which is why I bought it in the first place, having written a poor review already last week I do not wish to be asked to do it again, I do wish I had my $81.00 back (Updated on 12/13/2009.)

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - I ordered the 4 foot foldable table and absolutely love it. The speed of shipping was very fast. Will order in the future again.


Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - I bought this table to use for events I DJ at. Most tables are not tall enough, and so I would end up with a sore neck after a few hours. This table is tall enough so I do not have to look at as much of an angle down as before. However, its a little wobbly at full height, and while this has not been a problem yet, it does concern me to the point that I going to research methods of enforcing it.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - This table is the perfect size to use at craft fairs. I have two of them and that makes it easier for me to set up by myself. The adjustable height is the main reason I bought these as my jewelry is more easily viewed at the tallest setting.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - I bought this table to use for an art table and have it extended to the full height which makes it about the same as typical counter tops are in a home kitchen. Other reviews said that the table is sturdy at any of the adjustable points, but I found that the table is in fact somewhat wobbly when the legs are fully extended. The good things about this table are:It is portable, and can be adjusted to a few different heights. It folds in half for easy storage. FOR ITS VERSATILITY THIS TABLE IS A GOOD THING TO HAVE AROUND THE HOUSE.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - Friends have this product and I have borrowed it so many times; its the only item I've borrowed and I'm excited to have my own now! Its sturdy, attractive and easy to use.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - Although I inadvertently ordered the wrong table, I was very happy with its construction and quality. Instead of returning it for a full surface (unfoldable) top, I must admit its a keeper.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - This is the second table purchased. It is light weight and small enough when folded to fit in my car,s trunk, yet strong for the size. Put the two side by side to create extra seating for the Holidays. (Updated on 11/27/2011.)

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - The other table (Lifetime Folding Tables - 80161 Almond 4 ft. Adjustable Height Table) is much sturdier due to the larger angle of the support structure. This table is only good of you need to frequently store the table.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - I have used this table for my demos over the years and love it as it is not only a much more ergonomic height than the usual demo tables, but having the products at waist level rather than crotch level is nicer from a marketing perspective. It folds up and has a handle for easy transport. It is a bit heavy, but worth it for the advantages it brings. I highly recommend this table and in fact when I am out doing my demos, am often asked by others in the industry where I got my fabricated table.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - As far as I remember I did a search (probably Google/AOL) on adjustable foldable white resin tables. I had previously found them in Illinois (I believe) and upon moving out to CA wanted to get more for craft fairs. They are an excellent product and I have recommended them to to others and they are also delighted with the ease of transport and set up (for fairs). I really appreciate the adjustable height for my display needs.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - I was referred by Jill Weiss who purchased the same tables from you. The tables are absolutely wonderful, lightweight and space friendly.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - This is the perfect camping table. I discovered this table from my parents who always bring this with them to our family camp outs. It goes up high enough that you can prepare food on it and it goes low enough for the kids to eat at it. My sister has one she uses for scrap booking. I definitely recommend this product. (Updated on 10/19/2009.)

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - These tables are strong. do not waste you money like I did at first when I bought a folding table with a thick cardboard top for $20.00 in a CVS store. It did not last long,and they bend easy at the corners. I am very happy with this new #4428 table. It is really very strong and ideal if you need to take it in a car. I use this table at my flying field for my model aviation hobby. Its perfect for my needs. I also use it at home when I need to work on something. I love the adjusting legs. This table is well worth the price. Very strong and sturdy.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - This table works well. Its very easy to setup and store. Its not a very large table -- good for ~2 adults or ~3 kids to eat a meal. But too small for a four player card game. Very durable and cleans-up well. The only problem I experienced was one of the plastic "feet" fell off the legs and I lost it :(

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - This is a great camping table. I use it for Jeep camping. Its much faster and easier to setup and tear down than the aluminum slat tables. The adjustable height works well for high for food prep and low for eating from camping chairs. It folds flat and heavy items can be stacked on top of it.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - I love the adjustable height and it is a sturdy table. works great for my outdoor art shows. Great space saver with it folding in half. I would definitely recommend to my friends and co-artists. The downside is that it is a bit heavy. which makes for its sturdiness, I guess. and the screws from the frame keep falling out after only a few uses. I always end up finding them and screwing them back in. But it is getting tiring. I have done my research on adjustable tables and there are not too many options out there. Some way more expensive, which are lighter, have carrying cases and some cheaper. either way I found it difficult to find them in stock anywhere I went. Would like to see more in stores rather paying for shipping seeing it is a heavy table.

Current Lifetime 4428 Model Reviews - I use these tables in arts and craft shows. They have adjustable legs that bring the table up to perfect height. I had two and just bought 2 more. Lightweight, sturdy and fold up for easy transport. They have really held up to the abuse we put them through. Great tables.

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