LifeSpan Fitness 2013 Model TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk

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Product Description

PROS: simple assembly instructions, sturdy, high quality
CONS: when safety clip comes out it deletes all workout statistics**Learn More from Amazon reviews below.

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Manufacturer Description

The universal screen, with supported Life-span treadmill of your option, works in mix with your brand-new or present stand up desk, including a walking part to the health benefits related to standing and working. The small console can be placed easily on your desk offering you access to manage buttons and screen readouts without obstructing of your work.

TR1200-DT TR800-DT TR1200-DT3 TR800-DT3
$1,999.99 $1,699.99 $1,499.99 $1,199.00
Frame Kind Non Folding Non Folding Non Folding Non Folding
Walking Location 20" x 56" 18" x 52" 20" x 56" 18" x 52"
Handle Bar Kind
6 elastomers 6 elastomers 6 elastomers 6 elastomers
Belt Kind
2 ply 2 ply 2 ply 2 ply
Deck Thickness
3/4 inch phenolic 3/4 inch phenolic 3/4 inch phenolic 3/4 inch phenolic
Roller Size
2.5 inches front, 2 inches rear 2.5 inches front, 2 inches rear 2.5 inches front, 2 inches rear 2.5 inches front, 2 inches rear
Drive Motor
2.25 HP 2 HP 2.25 HP 2 HP
Speed Array
0.4 to 4 Miles Per Hour 0.4 to 4 Miles Per Hour 0.4 to 4 Miles Per Hour 0.4 to 4 Miles Per Hour
Slope Array
Display Digital LED Digital LED Digital LED Digital LED
Workout Feedback
Distance Traveled, Calories Burned, Time and Action Count Distance Traveled, Calories Burned, Time and Action Count Distance Traveled, Calories Burned, Time and Action Count Distance Traveled, Calories Burned, Time and Action Count
Life-span Physical fitness Club
Yes Yes Yes Yes
No No No No
iPod Integration
No No No No
USB Port
No No Yes Yes
Arm Rest, Cable television tray, Bluetooth Arm Rest, Cable television tray, Bluetooth Bluetooth, USB charging port Bluetooth, USB charging port
Electrical Requirements
100 - 120V / 50 - 60HZ 100 - 120V / 50 - 60HZ 100 - 120V / 50 - 60HZ 100 - 120V / 50 - 60HZ
Put together Weight
198 188 118 103
Put together Dimensions (LxWxH)
74" x 30" 72" x 30" 70" x 29" 66" x 29"
Desktop Dimensions 31" x 46.5" 31" x 46.5" N/A N/A
Desktop Array 36" to 52" 36" to 56" N/A N/A
Console Dimensions N/A N/A 3" x 3" x 12.5" 3" x 3" x 12.5"
Max Individual Weight
350 300 350 300
House Service warranty - Frame
Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
House Service warranty - Motor
3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years
House Service warranty - Parts
2 years 1 year 2 years 1 years
House Service warranty - Labor 1 year 1 Year 1 year 1 year

The Life-span TR 1200 DT provides a versatile desktop work surface and supports all your performance devices - laptop, printer, LCD screen, phones and even more. The easy and convenient desktop mounted treadmill console provides readouts for Speed, Calories, Steps Taken and Distance traveled. The padded armrests across the front of the desk offer enhanced individual comfort. Desktop height adjustments from 40" - 56" support users from 4'10" to 6'8" tall. The treadmill platform is constructed off the several honor winning TR 1200i treadmill and the TR 1200 DT includes a roomy 20 x 56 walking surface. Comes requirement with shock absorbing deck suspension to provide comfort and minimize anxiety on the joints. The high torque motor supports speeds from.4 - 4.0 Miles Per Hour to provide optimal efficiency and is supported by a Lifetime Motor Service warranty.

The TR1200-DT5 is a walking treadmill with a strong, free-standing desk. The incorporated console is mounted at the front of the desk to provide you simple access to the control buttons and exercise readouts without obstructing of your work. The LED digital screen reveals actions taken, walking time, calories burned, distance traveled and walking belt speed. The large armrests create stability as you kind and compose and the cable television slot in the desktop along with the cable television tray below the surface provide a safe and secure place to stow additional cables and cables from your electronic workplace devices such as the monitor, keyboard and phone.

TR1200-DT5 treadmill desk

Main Features

The TR1200-DT5 treadmill has a 2.25 HP DC drive motor for up to 6 hours of everyday use, suitable for all day use. Speeds range from.4 to 4 Miles Per Hour for optimal speed for working while you walk. The 20" by 56" walking surface is equipped with 6 compression shocks and can support users up to 350 lbs. The TR1200-DT comes requirement with two of Life-span's trademarked innovations: The built-in Intelli-Guard immediately stops the belt if you step off during your walk for included safety and is a major development in protecting treadmill users and those around them. With the Intelli-Guard, you not need to fret about leaving your treadmill running if you need to step off to take a call. When your foot not continually strikes the belt surface for 20 seconds, your treadmill will immediately pause. Intelli-Step counts and tape-records the variety of actions you take and displays them on the console. More exact than a pedometer, Intelli-Step immediately finds the impact of your foot striking the treadmill belt. Increasing step count is one of the foundations of the American Heart Association's recommendations for improving heart and general health.

Security and Convenience

Adjustable height up to 6'8

Conveniently fits users from 4'10" to 6'8" tall. Even at the highest setup, this table will stay stable. The desktop frame is unattached from the treadmill and stands alone, guaranteeing that any movement of the treadmill stays isolated and is not moved to the desktop. Add comfort and support to help prevent wrist fatigue in long work sessions. Our foam injected armrests offered optimal ergonomics to prevent wrist fatigue and eventual severe conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Great for the elbows to lean on, too! The one-inch thick composite board and resilient laminate surface on a stiff steel frame. Huge sufficient to hold all of your electronic devices and still have adequate room for a beverage and notepad. Rounded edges round off the design-- not simply for visual appeals, but once again putting safety at the center of Life-span design.

About PCE Health and wellness

Established in 1994 in Park City, Utah, PCE Health and wellness has established a track record for advancement, quality, and community obligation. In 2001, the business introduced the Life-span line of physical fitness devices targeting the over-55, value-conscious consumer. The award-winning line of exercise devices is now sold by physical fitness stores across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, and has expanded to include both a high-value home collection and a professional collection that targets the high-end home individual and the institutional customer. The business's awards include a Gold Medal Excellence Honor from the Industrial Design Society of America, the Treadmill Physician Best New Treadmill of the Year, and several Best Buy and Advise Buy awards from the Consumer Guide and lots of others.

Product Features

Large 46.5" wide x 31" deep worksurface with 16" of adjustable height range to customize to user height Large 20" x 56" surface with 300 lb user weight Speed range .4 - 4 MPH Intelli-guard safety pause stops the treadmill when not in use. Intelli-step counts your steps and displays Step Count on the console Low step-up height at 5 inches. Four adjustable leveling feet on treadmill and desktop

Product Information

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  • Color: gray;black
  • Model: TR1200-DT5
  • MPN: TR1200-DT5

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